Will this work with the new 27 inch IMAC? The new IMac seems to be .5 pounds too heavy ....


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    Works great on my 27" iMac. A few notes:

    * you do need the apple 24/27" apple vesa mount adapter.

    * weight isn't a problem since it's under 30 lbs without stand. the tension adjustments have to be pretty much as tight as possible to support the weight. because of the weight/tension it requires some light umph or effort to push the iMac back or manipulate is position. Overall I'm still happy since it clears my desktop space.

    * don't think you can rotate the iMac 90 degrees to achieve a vertical screen . Even if the iMac allowed for it the stand is not tall enough to allow this 27 inch beast to rotate more than 15-20 degrees without hitting the desk - no matter the pitch.

    * I had no problems with the tightening torx screws or other fittings as the other poster suggested. I think he may ave used the wrong angle when tightening the torx screws ( ie poor alignment / not fully attached when tightening - or maybe he tightened too hard). I suggest taking your time when doing it.

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  • Yea, it should work just fine. Erogtron is overly cautious with the weight limits they post.

    Just make sure to tighten up the tension bolts a bit and the MX should hold up the 27" imac just fine.

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  • I just bought for my imac 27" i5 and it works perfect
    check that the pressure points are tight and that's all. holds more than 30 pounds

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  • You need to remove the iMac's stand in order to attach the VESA Mount. The stand weighs much more than half a pound. The iMac is then well underweight for the arm.

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  • Just a heads-up that this question refers to older/heavier generations of iMacs. The 2013/2014 iMacs weigh in well under (12 & 21 lbs) that the 30 lbs this stand is designed to hold.

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  • I wouldn't be so certain that it will hold it. .5 pounds is no small feat when it comes to articulated arms. I've a different Ergotron on another system, its a great product and it holds the 19" monitor fine most of the time. At times the monitor will slowly sink downwards despite having tightened the bolts as much as seems safe. Small bumps and jostles of the desk will cause this to happen. Although I can't say for certain that this model or the weight of the iMac will cause it also sag I would say that a constantly drooping monitor is rather annoying. Someone will simply have to try it and let us know, if you're willing to do it be sure to save your receipts.

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  • My Dear, if you check the weight of the New 27" iMac from apple's site you will find that it's 13.8kg / 30.5lbs.

    and from the specifications of the arm:
    Accommodates mid-size displays and all-in-one computers weighing up to 30 lbs. (13.6 kg).

    so the difference is just 0.2kg equals 0.5lbs.

    so, the real question is.

    will this LCD arm take over 0.5lbs of it's real supposed weight?

    what do you think?

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