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    Waste of money

    Because there is no means of identifying a specific need for this software by identifying beforehand the codec used on a given file, I wasted $20 buying in the hopes it would solve a -2048 error message I was getting trying to open a video clip identifying itself as an .mp4 file. No Mac or Windows software would open this video, sent by a webcam due to motion detection. Graphic Converter provided an error that listed -2048 system error as the problem, and Apple says on its web site that this is usually the result of a mismatched codec with several file types, and suggests that the MPEG-2 addon to Quicktime is the way to defeat this error. Apparently not in all cases, and not until after you pay them another $20 on top of paying for Quicktime Pro in order to find out! Somehow the industry has to standardize on video formats and at least limit them and their compression algorhythms to a handful that can be converted, one to the other, so that they can at least be read on all machines, even if they are not optimally displayed. This run around is a royal pain the a..

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    There is no audio so I have to use mpeg streamclip and thats a pain! I wish apple would make this component free like it should have been in the first place and be able to play audio

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    Plays MPEG 2, but may not be what you need...

    Product works as designed ... plays back MPEG 2 but that's pretty much it. I purchased the product with the intent of cleaning up some MPEG 2 recordings with my previously purchased QT pro. Unfortunately, as the name indicates 'playback' is all it really does. If you just want MPEG 2 playback download the freeware VLC Player. If you actually need to do some editing of MPEG 2 files buy it and download MPEG Streamclip (also freeware).

    Apple has to charge a fee for the product as they don't own the patent so they are not to blame. If you need to edit MPEG 2 by all means buy it and download the products I mentioned above. Then, write a letter or email to the MPEG group asking why they think a 12 year old codec is worth anything at all let alone $20. They will ignore you since it's free money for outdated technology, but it may make you feel better.

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    I would have to agree with most of the other reviews here. This software allowed me to view, but not hear. I was able to finally get everything I wanted from MPEG Streamclip FOR FREE, which is sad since I am such a die hard Mac fan, but this time, I am really disappointed.

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    Poor audio support

    Poor audio support - I can not get the content I want on my cellphone.

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    Expect no sound - Need additional plug-in

    I've been trying to get my Sony DCR-SR40 to work with iMovie and what I didn't know is that iMovie doesn't recognize MPEG2. This download does not work as effortlessly as advertised. You can play MPEG2 but there is no sound. You'll need to get the free download "MPEG Streamclip" (go to Mac OS X/downloads and use search) and then you'll be able to convert to DV (with sound) for use in iMovie.
    Remember it could be worse...you could have purchased a HP Media Centre like a friend of mine and regretting every minute.

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