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    disappointing ...

    I have to play a bunch of HDV (which is a set of MPEG-2 specifications) files for a movie project.

    Before this plugin they wouldn't play ...
    After installing the plugin they still not play ... and 20 bucks gone for nothing.

    That's very disappointing for an Apple product, the quality expectations are not met.

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    WONT FIX -2048 on my PC

    I should have heeded the reviews. I'm a film composer and sometimes get quicktime files that wont open. I get the message Error-2048 when trying to open quick times.
    It doesn't. I just wasted my money. Thanks Apple!

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    Duh about Sound and Mpeg2

    They told you right here...

    Can the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component play back AC3 audio?
    No, MPEG-2 files containing AC3 audio cannot be played back with the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component.

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    Fails to install on Win7

    Apple has done it again. They promise simplicity but merely throw hurdle after hurdle in my way.
    After giving in and shelling out $20 for something that should be free, Quicktime still won't play HDV MPEG-2 encoded video in MOV containers. QT still tries to tell me that the codec is not installed.
    I need this capability because I work cross-platform editing between Final Cut and Premiere.
    Thanks to Apple's broken software sales strategy, I'm forced to go back to converting every single MOV into a more usable, but less editor friendly format. Thank you, Apple, for increasing my aspirin budget and making me late for deadlines.

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    All of my mpeg-2 files are now silent movies

    I have only recently converted to apple for both PC and iPhone, so I have been given the big sales pitch about effortless software and compatibility. So, this is my first software download, again very easy to pay for and download.

    The problem is that is DOESNT WORK! The conversion of mpeg-2 to mpeg-4 involves the loss of sound. So I have 10s of GB of family video from a sony camcorder that I now have to see as silent movies.

    Now I am completely up the creak, cant do any of those fantastic things I have been told about imovie, BECAUSE WE DONT LIVE IN A SILENT WORLD.

    Very disappointing, SORT IT OUT APPLE.

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    Works on PC, Won't Work on Apple TV

    This add-on works great for playing mpg videos in QuickTime on my PC. The mpg file even syncs automatically to my Apple TV, but the file won't play on Apple TV. I get a warning that the file type is unsupported.

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    DO NOT BUY - doesn't support most MPEG-2 files

    This component does not allow playback or decoding muxed MPEG-2 files. If you have an MPEG-2 video with sound in a single file, do not purchase this - it won't work. The video will play without sound.

    Find and read KB article HT1372 before shelling out $20.

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    Disfunctional add on

    Apple does it again.

    I bought Final Cut Express because I thought that I was going to make some good editing in no time... problem was that my macbook did not have the "ability" to read my video files, shot with a Sony DCR-SR52. I had to import the video from Imovie, then import those files into Final Cut Express with a wrong Aspect Ratio and then edit it. Now when I saw this Add On I thought why dont I try to buy this and the .mpg files should , like apple says be readable by Quick Time. But nope. and now that I have payed 1650,-(Final Cut Express + Add On) danish kroner im starting to get rather mad, because nothing of what I have bought is working... What a great compatability Apple... was that not what you recently was so proud of when you talked about your new macbooks?

    If you have a Sony camcorder, do not buy this Add On unless you are absolutly sure that it is a model that is compatible.

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    MPEG 2 does not work!

    It does not work with my Sony Handicam files. It does not work with my TV card files. It does not work with files that create DVD's fine in other software. I wish I had seen these reviews before I bought the MPEG 2 playback for windows. I would have saved my money. I hope I can figure out how to get a refund.

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    Problems with MPEG-2 Playback-Windows

    This product does not work properly on my PC. I've posted the error message I receive when trying to play a DVD on the Discussion Forum and it remains unresolved for two weeks now along with a lot of other questions/issues with this product! There is no online support for this product from Apple. You can't even find a way to return it for credit! My recommendation is not to use QT7 as your default media player and go to something else.

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    I've been ripped off.

    Doesn't play the video from files from many source. Even the ones it does play correctly will not export the audio via quicktime pro. Even though audio plays during playback, export says there is no audio to export. I bought the pair of product hoping to get a better experience transcoding from mpeg2 than with OpenSource options, but it's completely useless for that.

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    A Poor Apple Experience

    I am very disappointed in Apple. This MPEG-2 Playback component performs poorly. I wanted to convert MPEG-2 files created from my Hauppauge TV tuner into MPEG-4, but QuickTime won't recognize the audio track in the MPEG-2 file (it says there isn't one)!

    QuickTime won't even play the MPEG-2 properly. There are all kinds of visual artifacts, as well as a bit of choppiness. The SAME video file plays perfectly in Windows Media Player. Why??? Are Apple's software developers really this incompetent?

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    Sony HDD Handycam - no sound in Apple

    What is wrong with Apple? They sell QuickTime to read mpg and at the end of the day it does not capture a good image and there is no sound from the Sony Handycam camera. Is this correct?

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    Not compatible with Sony Handycam

    The video quality is medicore at best, and the audio will not play with video files created using a sony handycam. I'd suggest purchasing a file converter over this product.

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    Not fully Mpeg2 compliant

    This component will not playback all mpeg2 video files. Fails miserably, it hangs after opening the mpeg2 file, will not play audio or video, and time shown is incorrect. All other mpeg2 players will play except apple's. I want my 19.99 back for a non functional addon. No it isn't my configuration either or me or my computer, I am using qt pro 7.

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    Converter is not good for Sony MPEG-2

    MPEG-2 files created with Sony digital camera export only the video. The muxed sound track is dropped in conversion, contrary to advertising on this site. Apple support claims that there are many MPEG-2 formats. Apparently Sony's is not compliant. (Or could it be that Apple's isn't?) I do not recommend this converter. Find something else to convert your MPEG-2 files.

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