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    after not working with lap top for a couple of minutes, when I go back to start working again, as soon as I start working for a few moments, say after typing 5 words, the computer goes to sleep!

    dam it, it is so annoying, as soon as I start to work, it goes on sleep!

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    makes my computer crash every 5 - 15 minutes..

    My powerbook is 3 years old, meets all the requirements for upgrading and never had a problem before, I only upgraded due to a software I had to access from OSX lion in icloud, since upgrading my computer crashes without notice every 5 - 15 minutes, even when I only have a few programs like safari and spotify open, something that never created a problem before! I have used macs for a very long time, and I used to really love them, now I am extremely disappointed, it doesn't allow me to work continuously, I am even considering switching to a reliable PC computer unfortunately. Apple has been going down the hill lately. I am a designer, of course I like the aesthetics but it used to make the experience of working smooth and pleasurable, since Lion is pure frustration...

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    We installed it ($20.00) and our MacBook Pro is now slow, and crashes. I am not sure why Apple has not rectified the concerns. You would think an update that you paid for would improve your computer, not make it worse. If you Google Mountain Lion reviews problems, you will see that lot's of people have had the same concerns. Save your money, do not upgrade. Invest in a Windows product. It's sad, Steve Job's would be rolling over in his grave. Sorry, I could not rate zero stars or I would have

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    This upgrade cost me $500

    Some claim that Mountain Lion Improved startup time vs Lion. New stylish dock. AirPlay. New Safari update is over satisfying. Dictation (Siri) works flawlessly! More iCloud integration. I saw none of that on my iMAC. And iCloud? who cares. My computer is not a toy - it's a work tool.

    I am a professional illustrator / desktop Publisher and this upgrade did not recognize Photoshop CS3, MS Office Works (Word / Powerpoint / Excel etc) nor does it recognize Flash MX - software which I bought when I upgraded to iMac. Luckily I got a free upload to make Photoshop CS3 compatible but I lost at least $500 in other software.

    I have been with MAC since 1990 and I am not pleased with these upgrades that seemed targeted for the juvenile home play crowd. MAC should remain a professional tool - not become an entertainment gadget!!!

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    a step backward

    upgraded from leopard 10.5 (which worked fine) to mountain lion. mail is now terrible, did someone from Microsoft design this? I-photo takes forever to start and runs slower. But the most annoying thing is that I am now forced to find my wi-fi connection constantly because mountain lion keeps losing the connection. This never happened with leopard. I honestly see nothing improved from leopard. I wish I didn't upgrade, it's a big step backward in performance on a 2009 macbook pro.

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    VERY buggy system for designers!

    I made the mistake of installing Mountain Lion [on my iMac] on the first day it was released. The system is overall garbage. It freezes all of my Adobe software that I use for work- like Photoshop and Illustrator. Illustrator will not open or link PSD files and pinwheels until it crashes. I am disappointed with this system and this is the first time Apple has let me down.

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