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    For Intellectual Property Owners

    • Written by from Ridgecrest

    (5 star rating is 10.8.5 relative to version 10.8)

    In all previous versions of Apple OS that are pre Lion including Snow Leopard.... you can set up Network Locations that access Internet connections.
    These interfaces are Ethernet, Firewire, USB, Airport, and Bluetooth.
    Most importantly.... these manually set up Locations can disable or deactivate any or all of these connections.

    As the author of numerous Federally issued physics copyrights among several other forms of intellectual property that are not allowed public access, it is vitally important that the computer I use to produce these things has no type of network connection under any name or description.
    This is true for ANY person who produces ANYTHING that is intellectual property, not just me.

    OK, here is what is new in 10.8.5.
    In 10.8.4 (and all previous) you could APPLY a network Location that disabled or deactivated all connections.
    What is now "new" in 10.8.5 is that you cannot disable or deactivate ANY network connection no matter what you do.
    If you think that turning off your cable modem will do the trick, think again.... Airport and Bluetooth are still fully active. (if these are "built in", they are always on)

    Be wise.... if you produce these disabled Locations and apply them, your computer will report that you do not have a network connection. (that is software)
    Now check the hardware instead of the what the software tells you and you will discover that under 10.8.5. you cannot turn off ANY of these connections no matter what you do.
    This means that your computer is wide open to any miscreant with a computer degree because software security is not 100% security whatsoever.
    The only true security is hardware security. (power down the network transceivers)
    There is no such thing as a networked computer that cannot be hacked.
    How many convicted hackers do you require before you accept this fact?

    After informing Apple of this BUG we now have 10.8.5.
    10.8.5 has solved the BUG problem by not allowing the user to disable network transceivers whatsoever. (sounds comical)
    Make no mistake.... the GUI will still inform you that the tranceivers are disabled and your Mac will tell you that you have no network connection, but the technical fact is..... the hardware is fully connected and fully active. (opposite of what the GUI reports and opposite what your applications will report)
    Technically, a failure of the OS to report the status of the hardware is defined as a software BUG.

    Don't blame Apple.
    This is a Federal Mandate for ALL computer OS's.
    The Federal Government has demanded that ANY and ALL computers have an open back door that requires active hardware connection at all times.
    Don't blame the government.
    Miscreants of all types and sorts from the prankster to the extremely harmful use computer network connections as a primary tool of their criminal trades.

    Problem is.... this open door to your computer is an open door to criminals.
    Ironic, isn't it????

    If you produce intellectual materials that you wish to keep un-stolen, you cannot use 10.8.5. and must use either an obsolete Mac Pro, Snow Leopard or earlier, or both. (optionally, an Intel or PPC Mac with Airport and Bluetooth removed)
    If you are not a criminal.... you do not require a network connection.

    If you are a "typical" Mac user, 10.8.5 is a good upgrade.
    (it is still 20% slower than Snow Leopard due to an unbreakable internet umbilical cord but is an improvement in overall ML stability)

    Spare the crucifixions.... I have ten Macs and only this one is internet connected.

    By the way..... use Microsoft?.... you must be joking!!!!
    Microsoft is where the trouble began in the first place.
    Apple makes computers, Microsoft makes software.... what is the problem?

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    mountain lion upgrade

    • Written by from Buffalo Grove

    I just upgraded to mountain lion from snow leopard. it was pretty much seemless and everything works. It took about an hour for the download and about 1/2 an hour to install. all my programs and printers worked. i had to do some updates but so far everything seems to be fine.

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    Best OSX version to date.

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    Extremely pleased with ML. It runs very fast on my 2.26Ghz 2009 MBP w/ SSD & 8GB RAM. I look forward to the Facebook addition this fall. I even like the default wallpaper. I love being able to store my files in the cloud & sync them with my iPad & iPhone. I do hope more Apps get iCloud support (i.e. Garageband, iMovie, Final Cut, etc.) but I do understand major application file sizes can be huge. I look forward to what next year may bring. At $19.99, it's a CrazyDopetastic™ bargain!

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