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    Not Worth It

    Unless your screen lighting is set to less than 50% and if no one is standing within a 10 foot range of you, then this filter works perfectly. Otherwise, this product is useless. It does provide a small bit of privacy (think of a 35% car tint) but I can still see a majority of my screen from less than 2 feet away. Not only that, but if you plan on using the matte side as your facing side, then be forewarned that it scratches VERY easily and it will stay that way forever. In the package, 3M provides a page of instruction, the filter screen, 3 adhesive strips, and a lint-free cloth to clean the screen with. I HATE the fact that I have to use their provided tape liners to attach the 3M Filter to the screen. Regardless of how careful you place it on, you will *still* get bubbles under it! Seriously, what's the logic in using sticky tape to do the job? I previously owned a Moshi iVisor for my MBPr, and although it offered no privacy filter, it was a LOT more durable and useful than this one. I honestly don't recommend this product, but I'm voting it two stars because it did do its job... just not the way it was advertised as. I've heard that the gold version of this is slightly better, but I think I'll avoid any 3M related MBPr products until they decide to improve their products and offer a better return policy.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Try Again 3M -- I KNOW YOU CAN DO BETTER

    I bought this because I often work on things that should not be seen by others, especially in public places like planes and airports generally, being a frequent traveler. I bought the 4 way privacy screen for my iPhone which is also made by 3M and LOVED IT. If the phone is on and you are not in front of it you see nothing but black. Indeed you cannot even tell the phone is on. Naturally, I assumed this product would produce the same affect. How wrong I was. Anyone to the left or right sees a dim screen not a darkened screen and can fully see enough shapes and text to know at what you are currently looking and on what you are working. I noted another review indicated that the filter does scratch. This was certainly true of the one for my iPhone but I have learned not to take this one off to avoid that reality. The dimming affect is also an unfortunate byproduct. It almost seems silly to buy a Retina screen just to diminish what makes it special but if privacy is important this is a necessary evil. Few included strips is not great but is a money making decision that does not consider the customer. Big surprise. Overall, I consider this to be an epic fail by 3M, which I know from experience possesses the technology to make a much much better product. Caveat emptor (buyer beware)!

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