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    One of the Best Purchases of My Life

    • Written by from Cary

    We were looking to convert 2 mono-point down lights over the fireplace into extended track lighting for our family room. However, we only had one circuit controlled by a single wall-switch, and we wanted to control individual heads separately depending on the lighting need. I researched different types of track lights but could find nothing that would do this. Then I found Philips Hue. In reading about it, I was completely skeptical -- no way these would work like they said. Man, was I wrong. These things are FANTASTIC! They were easy to set-up and have been extremely reliable so far. Also, I am using my Android phone to control them, and the app has worked exactly as designed. But we will probably get an iPod as a permanent control device in the room. I firmly believe this represents a profound revolution in lighting (kinda like learning about The Matrix). Get these things TODAY!

    PROS: Infinite flexibility (colors, intensity, warmth, etc.), directly addressable, incredibly easy to set-up, produce beautiful light, controllable from anywhere -- simply a perfect solution for us.

    CONS: Still a little expensive, box looks great but poorly made (fell apart when removing bulbs), no GU10 in US yet (as of Feb. 2014), official app is a little limiting (but other apps are out there), only available through Apple Store right now.

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    Amazingly cool products

    • Written by from Elmhurst

    I first saw these lights and accessories just browsing the Apple store and thought they looked cool and too good to be true. I decided to order the BR30 starter kit and, after reading some of these reviews, I expected I would encounter problems with
    1. Using them on a dimmer switch
    2. Using them in recessed fixtures and
    3. Brightness of the bulbs not being sufficient for normal reading tasks etc…

    I am pleased to say I did not have any of these problems and I am enjoying my BR30s immensely. I have 2 lights on a dimmer switch that doesn't affect them at all and they are in recessed fixtures and do not reflect off cans and provide beautiful light with an expected brightness and have more than compensated for any output from the 2 x 75 watt incandescents I had in there previously.

    I have another 2 lights by the front entranceway and they give me plenty of brightness when I need it and atmosphere when I need that, all on customized setting and on timers…my wife and I can share our favorite settings via the portal and are having so much fun with these lights that i wanted to dispel any fears or trepidation about ordering them based on some previous reviews with (perhaps erroneously?) reported dimmer and brightness issues.

    I strongly recommend you try these lights and embrace this new and exciting lighting technology that is long overdue.

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    Amazing Bulbs

    • Written by from Phoenix

    I have to say that these bulbs have got to be some of the best spent money at an Apple Store. These bulbs are amazing for giving your room or home some nice accent lighting, or if you are like me, you have replaced all of your bulbs with them and with the help of the various Hue applications available on the App Store, and can turn your home into a night club type atmosphere.
    The best part of these lights however is the fact that you can turn them off either via a schedule on the Hue app or just by pressing a button on your iPhone or iPad. I am confined to a wheelchair and previously had to make sure all my lights were off before getting into bed. Now I can jump into bed, enjoy my lights and when I am ready to go to sleep I can hit the all off button and pass out. Or if I do the pass out part first, the schedule turns off all of my lights at 2am! We truly live in the future! People used to have to pay big money to get this kind of functionality, and now it's only $199!

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