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    Feeling betrayed

    • Written by from Glendale

    I've purchased four of these in two years. They last roughly six months of normal use. How do they break? The materials are so cheaply made that the cord cracks, frays, or otherwise just falls apart. And at $80.00 a pop, I really expect better.

    Apple. Seriously. I usually love your products. I have (to this point) been a devoted fan of your computers. But I now have to consider whether or not I want to deal with your god-awful, horribly made power cords when deciding to how to spend my money. And frankly, I'm not sure its worth it.

    I'm a lifelong mac user who is seriously considering switching to PC over a power cord. That's how bad these are.

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    Do NOT buy MBP -- Adapter FAILURE--Dangerous!

    • Written by from Burnaby

    Apple might make good electronic products but sadly, this cannot be said for their accessories. The power adapter for the MBP 13" is defective. I have taken extremely good care of all my products including the adapter. I'm always careful about how I wrap up the cord when traveling so as not to put pressure on the weak end of the cord that is prone to snapping or fraying due to it's poor design. When this happened to my friend's cord, her's smoked first which is extremely dangerous. I was there when it happened and something could have caught on fire! As for mine, it simply snapped even though I was all the more vigilant to prevent mine from going the way her's did. But sadly it has snapped. First I noticed a tiny buckling or bulge on the cord and then all of a sudden it snapped open. My Toshiba laptop cord is just over 12 years old and both the laptop and cord are perfectly fine. Don't buy MBP or any of their laptops that uses adaptors with weak and poorly designed cords unless they change their adapter or their policy on replacement otherwise you'll keep paying $90 every time this adapter breaks. I'm done with Apple.

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    Same hate :( Miss I could give it zero stars

    • Written by from West Friendship

    On the third MagSafe. If they were $30 or less I wouldn't be so angry, but $80 is ridiculous.

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    Blehh, On To My 3rd Adapter!

    • Written by from Garland

    Lucky for Apple, I'm a Mac Head for life.. but sadly for me, my second adapter has bit the dust and I'm on to my third. Poor design, awful durability.. you'd think the thing was made of paper.. it's insane how bad these are.. but again, I'm off to get my third adapter because my MacBook Pro is my baby.. Man.. bye bye $80.

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    Same As Everybody Else - HORRIBLE CHARGER

    • Written by

    Hello Apple,

    I love your products. I have an iPhone, a Mac, and an Airport unit. But this charger is horrible. I expect a lot better from your company. Especially what gets me is the blatant disregard for all the other 1-star reviews that have been posted.

    It truly is the little things that matter. With this and a horrible recent experience at a Mac store, I am highly considering switching to other company's products (you know who I am talking about). Again, little things.

    Now that I have rambled let me tell you that this is my 5th charger. All others have broke after an average of 8 months in service. Horrible. Especially for the price! Get your act together and address this issue. I know, I know you are APPLE! The richest company in the world... but even Rome eventually crumbled. Keep your act together and take care of your customers and I'd be happy to continue to buy Apple.

    If the trend continues, I'll be leaving. Fix this charger - you know as well as we all do that it does not work properly.

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    • Written by from Blythewood

    Why can't these be reliable-- have to purchase too frequently!

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    Sick of this.

    • Written by from Wayne

    As a college student, one of my favorite thing to do is waste my week's food budget on a charger every year. Either make them less expensive or less likely to break. My macbook pro is getting older and I'm definitely going to look at non-apple laptops for my next one. $80 is a decent chuck of change but it's the apparent indifference of apple to address this that's most frustrating.

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    Piece a garbage

    • Written by from North Hollywood

    Too much money for a piece of trash , 1 year and my second one is burning.

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    Poor design, massively overpriced

    • Written by from Montclair

    I have owned at least a half dozen of these chargers and they have all broken within a year. For such a poorly made product, I cannot understand why it costs $79. For that price, I would expect a high quality charger with wires that don't fray so easily. This can be dangerous too. One of my chargers created a spark that broke the charger and broke my computer so that it couldn't be charged by any charger. The internal charging device in the computer needed to be replaced, leaving me without a computer for two weeks.

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    Had to buy a new one every year

    • Written by from Canton

    These do a great job charging, but every year I have to buy a new replacement. I take really good care of my chargers. I do not force them to bend at all, but regardless, every year the wire covering gets stripped and stops charging. I then have to buy a new charger. I recommend redesigning these chargers. They are expensive to replace but unfortunately a necessity.

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    Don't last long

    • Written by from Cambridge

    The charger is easily broken.

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    Your MagSafe Power Adapter is inferior.

    • Written by from Crompond

    Dear Apple, I'm so not happy with your power adapter. I'm on my 3rd charger now. What a poor quality. For $79, I would think you would make a better quality adapter in stead of ignoring all comments posted and the low rating this product has received. What's wrong with you people. Clean up your act and give us something that we can use and don't have to replace every 6 months. I'm not very happy. Hope to hear from you soon. I'm also trying to publish my review and it is what I think of your power adapter but it won't allow me to publish my review, according to you, "Some words in your review cannot be published. Please revise your review."

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    Watch out for this device it's a fire hazard

    • Written by from Seattle

    This is a horrible product with a horrible design. I watched in horror last night as my almost new charger began to smoke and burn. The line at the charger port began to short, then burn and flame. I couldn't believe it!!! Oh and despite the fact that I have an extended warranty I am not able to get a replacement - that's another frustrating story with Apple. What is going on with this company?? Between the iOs 8 roll out and this, they seem be have really lost their way.

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    Shameful, not better

    • Written by from Norwich

    I too have a problem with the wire breaking - this is no only foolish of Apple, but also dangerous because it is clearly a fire risk. My apple shop even refused to repair it - which could take them minutes. This is especially shameful as Apple claim a new eco halo through their 'better' programme - this is neither eco or better. Maybe its time to change....

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    Terrible Design--Does Not Last Very Long for an Expensive Accessory

    • Written by

    The connector cable is poorly designed. After a few months of wrapping the cords around the charger, the insulated wires of the connecting cord snap and break.

    Poor, poor, poor.

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    4th times a charm?

    • Written by from Andover

    Apple go stand in a corner! you should be ashamed of yourself for making such bad chargers. In 6 years and 2 different laptops, this will be my 4th replacement cord. In those 6 years, I have never seen the product rating above 1 star. Ignoring that kind of feedback from loyal customers is downright insulting. Also, "bad" wasn't my first word choice... thanks to Apple's censorship.

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    Starting to Break After 1 Month

    • Written by from HARTS

    I've only had my MacBook Pro for ONE Month and the charger is already starting to break. I haven't had it near sharp objects or anything like that. I have been rolling it up and putting it in a side pocket of my backpack by itself, which I thought was safe, but it is still breaking. Apple needs to figure out a better charger for the MacBooks because I can't buy a new one every month or two.

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    Like "rent" to own any Apple laptop...

    • Written by from Breckenridge

    My replacement (carefully stored and used after the first failure - no external damage) died in less than a year. I now anticipate buying a new $80.00 "plug" every few months to simply use my laptop. SAD...soon the cost of these replacements will exceed the cost of my Macbook. C'mon Apple, listen to all of these users!

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    Broken Already, This is my Fourth Charger

    • Written by from Winsted

    This charger is almost reason enough not to buy the Mac, which I hate to say because I love my Mac, but I really can't afford to cough up $80 every time I need to replace this awful charger. This is my fourth, maybe fifth (I can't remember because I've actually lost count) charger. I've never damaged it or been irresponsible with it. I keep it in prime condition and yet within several months my charger is now dying AGAIN. Suddenly it just gets a short in the cord or something and I have to wiggle the cord around forever until it actually charges my laptop. It's a huge pain and then I'll think it's charging, but then I move just slightly and it stops charging, next thing I know my Mac is dying. Not to mention it gets very hot, constantly falls out of the wall because of the big bulky and awkward adapter on the end that goes into the wall, and makes it harder to plug other things in. Just a huge disappointment, and obviously on purpose to get people to spend a ton of money on something they need for their computer to work. It's really just unethical. Combined with that and the Mac's inability to play most online games, just get a PC.

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    Really bad !!!!!

    • Written by from Gatineau

    The cable lasted 9 months

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