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    Need to reinforce connection at junction

    I am presently on my third charger cable (same 15-inch MacBook Pro), and they all seem to be fraying at the same point. The problem area is right at the output line at the power junction. My suggestion is to re-enforce (thicker plastic cable) at this connection. The line taper down to its original thickness as it moves away from this point.

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    great but pricey

    The only time I had to replace mine was because my dog chewed the cord. I love having the long or short cord option. The MagSafe has saved me quite a few times and just makes me feel less worried that one of my kids will trip over it. I don't understand why it can't cost $20 to $40 less though.

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    Use the Clip to Reduce Tension on the Adapter

    First, my suggestion, then a short story. You'll find a tiny clip on the narrow AC cable. As I read the stories here, it occurred to me that the clip must be there for some reason. Voila! It's there to take the strain off the cord as it enters the adapter.

    So...to keep your expensive adapter from fraying, wrap the cord one or two times around the pop-up flanges of the adapter, making sure the cable is loose--not tight--at the junction of cable and adapter. Then use the clip on the second or third wound part of the cord. This takes pressure off the part of the cord that normally frays.

    The 85W "MagSafe Power Adapter" I purchased today comes with an extra thick AC cord but no one mentions it. Even the picture on the Apple box only shows the power adapter--not the extra AC cord in the box.

    Using the 6 foot AC cord lets you wrap more of the thin MagSafe wire around the adapter, reducing more stress off the cord as it enters the adapter. While it's convenient to carry the portable adapter with you, the AC cord is much safer and secure. (End of suggestion. Now my story.)

    I have a 2006 MacBook Pro whose Magsafe cord started fraying near the adapter. Not wanting to pay Apple $79 for a power "adapter," plus I needed a battery too, I ended up buying two batteries and two Magsafe adapters online. Sellers, including Amazon, claimed a 60W adapter powers a 15 inch MBP. It doesn't and won't charge the battery.

    So I wasted two months without my MBP thinking that the non OEM batteries I bought were the problem, not the 60W adapter.

    Today a guy at a Mac repair store fixed my problem in five minutes by using an 85W adaptor. Now, I have four batterie and one 60W and one 85W adapter.

    Final thought about portable consumer power cables. Manufacturers could make AC cords twice as thick, making them last until the next Ice Age. But would anyone want thick, heavy power cables for their mobile phone or laptop? Probably not.

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    It's ok

    I have a MacBoook Pro 2008 and the old charger take two years to broke down. I just bought the new one and it's ok, it works fine. And don't know why some people say that with the old model it does not work, because with mine is good. It seems smaller and that is not going to fit, but when you connect it, it charges.

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    Not the best, but not terrible.

    I've had the same charger for my Macbook Pro 15 inch for 5 years now, and I'm just now having to buy a new one because it's making strange sounds when I plug it in. 5 years isn't great, but I think it's pretty good considering how much I toted that thing around during college.

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    This is a great adaptor but its very expensive. can you please lower the price? i cant afford it right now because my sister broke it, and I'm playing off my MacBook Pro. I love my MacBook Pro more than anything so i have to keep it charged but again i can't afford it.

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    it is improved design

    Doing support for Macs, the new 90 degree magsafe end has reduced the problems with the old end, I can add a couple of notes to possibly help others. These adapters do work very well.
    1) This model does work with 2007-2008 MacBooks as well as the newer unibody designs, check for the following firmware update to fix a potential charging bug though - MacBook SMC Firmware Update 1.4
    2) If you are getting fraying near the "brick" end, it is because of stress on the cable when it is wrapped up. If you leave enough slack on that end, it won't separate from the case and "fray" - Apple Portables: Reducing cable strain on your MagSafe power adapter

    I can't link to the URLs directly, so you have to search apple's Support website for the articles mentioned.

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    What are you people doing to/with your adapters?

    I have 3 adapters that i have been using for, oh, 3 years or so. i have dogs that regularly bounce them off the the bed and they have been subjected to lots of airline travel and packing and being dragged everywhere.

    i have never had one fail, fray, break, wear out, or catch on fire. i am careful not to stress the mag end of the cable when i'm using my Macbook Pro on my lap, but other than that, i haven't been especially careful with them.

    Now the freaking batteries are a whole nother talk show

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    In all fairness

    I know most people tend to write reviews after having bad experiences, but even so after coming here to find an extra adapter that I can leave at the office, I was surprised to see so many terrible reviews. I've relied heavily on three different MacBook Pro's between home and work over several years and have never had any problems with these power adapters.

    They are versatile in that you can swap out the direct-to-wall plug for an extended power cord. The built-in cord wrapping prongs are ridiculously simple and very handy.

    This is a solid product that deserves some positive feedback to balance the many negative reviews posted here.

    That said, these things should seriously cost $40, tops. Minus one star for the outrageous price, Apple.

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    So far, so good with old Macbook Pro

    I was very hesitant to get this adapter because I read all the reviews of how it doesnt work with certain Macbook Pros. However, my original adapter that came with computer (white plastic square connection) stopped working & I needed a new one. I got my Macbook Pro in March 2006. I got the new adapter yesterday. So far it works. I have it flipped so it doesn't block USB port.

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    Works on non UNIbody.

    I don't know why there are several reviewers reporting that this adapter does not work on the older non unibody Macbook Pro. I was hesitant to buy this replacement because of it. I took my MBP to the apple store, plugged it in and "viola" it works.

    This adapter looks like it'll outlast the original one I had. It's sturdier at the magnetic connection. I'll report back if it does not last, so far so good.

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    works fine with aug 2006 macbook pro

    So far so good. Love the new design since I usually plug in to my laptop from the back. I always worried with the older model that the cord would bend too far, near the plug-in point of the laptop and now it's not an issue. I have 3 adaptors, all still working including the original (knocks on wood). They do feel fragile though (I'm pretty careful with them) but the design is beautiful.

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    Works just fine on 2007 Mac Book Pro

    The newer style adapter works just fine on my 2007 Mac Book Pro. The photograph is misleading. The connector is the same, it is just styled differently. My original power adapter last 3 years and only gave out to a voracious 14 month old teething baby. Otherwise I had not experienced any fraying or other problems mentioned in the reviews.

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    Works fine on my MBP 2007

    My charger went out on me after almost 3 years of working fine. I was kind of worried about this charger being compatible with my later MBP, but I've had no charging issues and it sits firmly in place. When purchased my MBP I also got the AppleCare Protection Plan so they replace my power adapter free of charge.

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    One of the best customer service!

    The thing works absolutely fine.

    My review is focused more towards the service than the product.

    I had my old 85 watt Magsafe adapter and it just stopped working. I went to the store and they checked it. It did not work and within the next 2 minutes they replaced my a year old charger for FREE!!!

    The charger is working with the older versions of the MacBook Pro. I heard from my friend that the new chargers do not work with the old laptops, but here is the thing, IT WORKS!

    Fallen in love with Apple all over again...

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    Love it

    My old cord frayed and it was probably only a year old. This one is designed without the curve where it attaches to the computer, hopefully eliminating that problem. My daughter's old cord has frayed too now (in the same spot, where it curves next to where it attaches to the computer), it appears this fraying is inevitable with the original cord. Hers is not very old either. That being said, the old cord needs to be discontinued and this one sold with the product. I love the option of using a long or short cord that this product allows. I've stayed in hotels where the plugs aren't necessarily within a close range of the seating, but this cord is long enough to tackle that problem nicely. I marked it down one star for price, it is very pricey for a charger / power cord.

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    FULLY compatible with late 2008 (last non-unibody) macBook Pro

    My last power cord finally gave out, and this adapter is covered under AppleCare. My advice to everyone buying a Mac is definitely to get the three year, extended warranty. It rests a lot closer to the MacBook than my old one, which is better since it's harder to accidentally disconnect it. I am speedy satisfied with it.

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    Are you guys aware of the warranty?

    Wow, tons of people say they have broken after a few months and they have replaced multiple adapters.
    OK, they come with a one year warranty when you buy your MacBook and if you buy with most credit cards they double the warranty.
    Or you can buy Applecare for $250 and be covered for three years or the cost of three adapters.
    Meanwhile, ours has worked flawlessly for 2.5 years.

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    Honest Review

    I bought my MacBook Pro in the beginning of 2015. I've had it for two years. With my experiences, the only complaint I have is that the little plastic tabs to wrap the cord around broke. I am very gentle and easy with my equipment. That shouldn't have broken although, it HAS been two years.. I mean wear and tear does exist, right? The charger cord is getting a little bulged up as well. I can't lie about that. I do think overall, this is a very good charger. It DOES get hot, but again I think that's normal. Thank you apple, for always manufacturing high end products.

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    Nothing Lasts Forever

    I have an Early 2008 15-inch Macbook Pro. This power adapter works fine with my machine. My first power adaptor lasted three years before finally refusing to charge the computer. I can't complain about it, honestly. The power adaptor is the first problem I've ever encountered with my Mac. I know several people with other brands of laptops who have replaced their power adaptors several times and have had numerous other problems. I took my adaptor into my local Apple store and they replaced it then and there - no problem. I couldn't have asked for better service. Nothing last forever, but I'm still quite happy with my Mac.

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