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    Get The Firmware Update!

    Before reading all the negative reviews written about this microphone, i just wanted to tell everyone who is looking to buy this microphone, that a firmware update patch was just released on 8/10/06, about volume level issues. You can download and install the new update at Blue's website.

    Now as for me, even without this update, the microphone worked perfectly. Great sound, unique design, and just all around cool...so i have no idea why the heck everyone is complaining so much, seriously, maybe they don't know how to use it correctly.

    I use Blue's Snowball for recording voice overs and radio commercials so i am usually close to the microphone. Though, i haven't recorded any instuments while using Blue, but hopefully it'll produce the same good outcome as for speaking up close.

    So overall, with Blue's new firmware update, this microphone is great. If your a pro, of course there are way better mics out there, especially expensiver. Though, if you don't wanna pay to much and if ur a hobbisty, or close to a pro, this mic is great for you. Good luck!!

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    Bad Reviews

    Purchased after some humming and haaaing after reading the reviews here on apple. But asked questions and looked at some other mics. I decided to come back to this mic and figured I could return it if I faced problems. I have found this to be a fantastic mic. It eliminated the fan noise problems I was having with my other cheapo mic. I use it for voice in podcasting. Easier to use than easy. I use SnapX Pro, Quicktime Pro and works great. In short I could not have asked for more ...

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    Great mic - works as advertised

    I hesitated big time on buying this mic because of all the negative reviews. Although I don't do "pro" audio work, I needed a mic that didn't require an amp but also gave me excellent quality. I have only used this mic in Garage Band and I am very impressed with the quality.

    I can't discount the other negative reviews because that is their experience. I will however share my positive experience with this mic and I recommend it. The only plug I'll make is, like with most things we buy, how about a lower price?

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    Amazing Fidelity!

    I am a saxophone player, and I was searching for something that I could record with and listen back to my sound in order to critique myself. When I got it, it was definitely unique looking; when I plugged it in, the setup took less than 30 seconds, and the sound quality was simply amazing. My sister came into the room after I had recorded, and I played back the recording across a PA system, and she turned around thinking that I was playing. That's how great the quality is. I use the snowball to record with quicktime as well as garage band, both of which are very easy to use with this mic. The second position (-10db) is great for wind instruments such as trumpet and saxophone. Great buy!

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    not easly impressed

    i wasn't quite sure if i should buy this mic or not, i've written a few songs of my own and i wanted to record but the built in mic just didn't do it for me. so i bought this one not knowing what to expect, but oh man, i'm not easly impressed but if you have the right settings on it and if you know how to work it. for 120 buck, this little mic kicks.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I love this Mic.

    This mic is something that I use for recording my voice for music, and for recording my acoustic guitar. So far, this has been an excellent microphone! I'm no pro by any means, but I just wanted to start out with something that I could use easily and for a decent price. I'd totally recommend this mic.
    Just to emphasize how easy to use this thing is, I was creating a song on my mpb the other night at a place other than my home. I had one of my friends listen to the song, and she loved it, and she asked if she could help or be in it. So I pulled the mic out of backpack and recorded her singing for the song right then and there, in my car. All you have to do is just plug it in. It worked and sounded wonderful!

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    Compares with high end mics

    I have a number of mics, including ones that cost several times what the Snowball costs. I also usually record in a sound treated room.
    With the Snowball, I get very high quality sound right at my desk. I don't dampen the reflections behind the mic or do anything to the room, I just plug and play.

    This mic sounds nothing short of amazing. If you can't get this mic to sound good, you shouldn't be using a mic at all! I havent' tested it with guitars or (singing) vocals yet, but for podcasting, this is all you need.

    Oh and it works perfectly with the Camera Connection Kit and iPad as well.

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    Excellent Mic

    I went searching for a mic that would add some depth to my voice when recording into a MacBook Pro. I am not a pro podcaster or musician, but I wanted a mic that was quality for a reasonable price - the Blue Snowball fit the bill.

    The Blue Snowball took out the tinny sound that I experienced using the built in mic on the MacBook Pro and allowed me to create rich audio. Again, I am not a pro musician, but it was a giant leap forward from the built in mic.

    Thanks BLue for this great product.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Solid Microphone for Recording Presentations

    I'm using it as a high quality recorder for lectures, podcasts, and presentations. The sound quality is good (much better than passive mics). It's easy to use, and it does look pretty cool.

    The drawback is that it's bulky (I could theoretically use a handheld digital recorder). But it does give very nice sound for podcasts.

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    Tasty Product

    As you may know a microphone needs a pre amp to work or else it will sound too quiet, just like a record player. Using a USB microphone lets you work around this because the Snowball converts your voice to a digital signal right from the start. Therefore there is no need to clutter up your desk with a pre amp and the mic.
    One user said this mic does not come with a stand and a cable. This is not true. Everything you need to record is in the box.
    If you were to find the recording level is still not as loud as you like you can download an applet from the Blue Microphone website that will boost the gain and give you a loud clear recording.
    I use this with my Intel iMac with no problem as it is plug and play and immediately recognized by Garageband and iMovie.
    And it looks really cool too. Snowball matches the Mac perfectly.

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    Works Perfectly

    I bought this mic to record my band's rehearsals. I needed a mic that was easy to use. I also wanted one that sounds better than the $20 USB mics you normally find.

    My mac recognized the Snowball immediately - easy to use. I tried to record with setting number one, but had less than excellent results. When all else fails, read the manual.

    I switched to setting number two and wow! My band has never sounded better! I called Blue tech support about the problem I had with setting number one. The guy was very cool and confirmed that this setting is very sensitive - for low volume recording only.

    All in all, the mic works great! This mic probably doesn't sound like the $5000 mics that Blue makes, but it works perfectly for me. The cool looking stand is a nice plus.

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    its the only one

    This mic is awsome. i've been trying to find a plug and play mic for recording songs on my comp. and everyone told me they didnt exist, untill i found the snowball. I've been waiting for apple to carry it. i have one now and it does awsome with vocals and guitars in fact its the next best thing to pluging the instrument straight to the computer

    thanks the snowball

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love the Blue Snowball :)

    So, I'm feeling a bit foolish for all the money I spent over the years on expensive microphones and preamps...The Blue Snowball is really that great :) I'm sure there are subtle differences in sonic quality between the Blue Snowball and my other microphones and preamps (AKG 414 CTLII with D.W. Fearn VT-1 for vocals and stereo pair of Neumann KM184's with True Systems P2 Analog for acoustic guitar), however I must admit that to my untrained ears the Blue Snowball sounds pretty good for $100 (and much less fuss to setup and work with). I have to admit that I'm not a professional recording engineer (just a home studio singer/guitar player/song writer), but I think that most people in the home studio category would enjoy the simplicity and economy of the Blue Snowball.

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    Too Cute!

    I LOVE this microphone and I am a total sound snob.
    You should know it's never going to record a high-quality album sound...unless you know how to mix and (recommended)use a wind screen to prevent popping - I pretty much stay on the 3rd setting for almost everything as the other two aren't that impressive.

    This is a great microphone if you want to amplify a whipser-level voice directly into the computer but you do need to experiment with your mic-input settings on your mac.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Mic

    Used the mic today to record a jam session consisting of several guitars, banjo, and vocals in Garageband. The final CD quality is very good. Obviously not a studio quality cd, but good enough to send to friends. I didn't get a stand with mine, and was told by the manufacturer that a stand is not part of the package. Maybe apple store is including one, but I didn't receive one, (it screws on to a standard mic stand), and you have to buy a GOOD USB cable.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    You almost always get what you pay for. The only thing I was leery about was what the box said it could do for "ONLY" $100.00 - I don't mind paying for quality - it's just the way it is. I will tell you that IT IS WORTH ALL 100 OF THOSE DOLLARS! I use it for voice and PodCasting and could NOT BE HAPPIER. I did buy Blue's Pop Filter as well as The Ringer and it sounds amazing! You can't go wrong with Blue no matter what. They are one of the best at mic technology and even though this is the cheapest mic they sell (not counting the Mikey) they did not scrimp on quality. Makes sense, they have an amazing reputation to uphold. If you need or simply want a great mic on a budget or just being frugal - do not wait one more day; Go buy one, you will thank me later! Enjoy... And no, I am not in any way a rep of Blue - just a very pleased consumer.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Did not meet my hopes.

    I bought this with the intent of doing VO work, I had been using an analog XLR condenser mic hooked up to a transformer to a digital recorder/converter and did not like the bulk of the setup or the light hiss I would get if the setup was not totally isolated from the table by a rubber mat. So a year ago I read the reviews on here that were glowing about the mic and thought it would be the perfect setup for what i wanted. As soon I got it I new something was wrong. It had such a low gain it was barely useable 2 inches from my face. If you used a pop filter it would put you out of useable range. My Macbook has a more powerful mic than this. I looked around and found that there was a firmware update and I used it. Walla, Gain fixed, however then it had a bad mid-high distortion w/overloaded lows. No way near good enough to use for paid work. So I have given it to my dad as a mic to use on skype. Long story short Its 10% better than a logicrap Mic at 300% the cost. If you want a good usb mic go get a AudioTec or a real blue mic and find a good XLR converter.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent for Simple Recording, Sound Quality Lacking Though

    I purchased this microphone in order to have a simple plug-in-and-play device for recording vocals in GarageBand. The mic works as advertised, but I found myself a bit disappointed in the sound quality. I know for $150 you cannot expect a great microphone, but this mic is from B.L.U.E., which is a world-renowned microphone and pro audio company that got its start restoring vintage Neumanns and Telefunkens. Also a bit irritating is the need to go into system preferences and change the sound input source back and forth from line-in to USB Snowball. But overall, this mic delivers on the promise of being a simple and easy to use mic for non-critical applications.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wonderful product!

    Wow! When my built-in mic broke, I needed a replacement quickly. There were some other cheap microphones that had bad reviews, but this one goes above and beyond! It has three recording levels. The first level is for a soft singer, the second level is for a little louder singer, and the third level is for recording anything around the room - like an instrument. This thing is 100% worth it!


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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    great mic for the money

    This mic is a great tool for the musician or podcaster looking to do good wuality home studio recording. The sound quality is great and has very little noise. When i first set it up the recording sounded aweful but i realized that it is best to plug it in after you have opened your Garage Band project. For some reason plugging it in before makes for a noisy track and low volume recordings.

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