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    Best Keyboard cover

    -practically invisible
    -feels great
    -very thing, you won't notice it's on after a while
    -provides great protection against spills and dust

    -kinda pricey for a piece of plastic but worth every penny, its the only one of its kinds out there right now. Others are made of super thick silicone.

    -as it gets dirty, the more opaque it gets. So i decided to clean it with soap and water...BAD IDEA. the opaqueness got worse. So the solution is to rinse it GENTLY with water. DO NOT CRUMPLE IT UP AND SCRUB the wrinkles will be permanent. use a QTIP to clean it instead. And last but not the least go over it with a little bit of baby oil just to get it all clear and shiny again =)

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    Protects your keyboard

    I just received this product today in the mail. It fits on perfectly (its very thin too), you can't even see it (my bf didn't even know it was on); however, there is a little spacing above the function keys. It also gives my keyboard a little glossier look. As for typing with the moshi clearguard on, it feels squishier and you have to push down a little more. I also let it sit on my laptop for a while with the screensaver on and when I came back, it felt a little warmer on top (I'll be testing it more to see if it makes my macbook warmer). Overall, it will definitely prevent oil, dirt, crumbs, ect. on getting on/in between your keys. It is a good buy, but I wish the price was a little less.

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    The BEST keyboard skin ...

    I don't know how I missed THIS one for so long, but luckily I finally came across this skin and I'm so glad that I did ... it's superb! Unlike it's rivals (all of which I've tried in the past) this one is actually clear and has a GORGEOUS tactile key response (meaning you can actually still type with little to no effort)! The others feel like you are attempting to type through THICK rubber cement ... but this one is SWEET! It's quite clear (almost invisible), it's very thin, and allows for easy depressing of keys!!!!! Pricey, yes it is! Worth the cost?! YES (especially considering the cash that I spent on the other, more cloudy, thick/gross/RUBBER models)!

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    Beware of LCD Screen imprinting

    Nice product but avoid closing your clamshell with ANY silicone keyboard cover because the key squares will imprint onto your LCD and leave square marks.

    Place it during use BUT remove it when closing your clamshell. The older versions of Aluminum MacBook Pro (pre-UniBody design) flexes inward - especially when jamming your notebook into your computer bag and will press against the keyboard covers making contact with the LCD. Once those imprints are worn into your LCD screen, they are permanently there for your viewing dis-pleasure for the life of your screen.

    Side note: will help lessen the damage for you Liquid Spill prone users.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I read the reviews before I purchased it. I noticed it was split about 50/50 good/bad. I decided I'd go ahead and try for myself because though, yes, it's expensive --if I liked it it would be more than worth it.

    Now that I have it on my keyboard, I absolutely think that anyone who said they liked it works for the company or "bird peck" types. If you know how to type and are capable and successfully type more than 15 words/minute there factually is no way you can like this produce.

    I'm open to the idea that maybe there are "bad batches" or something, but the product I received in the mail is nearly impossible to type with. Every other key you press you find yourself dragging the previous letter with you.

    If by any chance the manufacturer or someone with a say in the development of this product cares enough to read these reviews, please take this following, seemingly simple solution to the problem that all people capable of typing are inevitably going to encounter: Tinker with the idea of putting some sort of mild adhesive in between every few keys! The Apple keyboard layout is ideal for putting a small strip of adhesive gel (perhaps a thin layer of the sticky, rubbery feeling sticky stuff they stick paper advertisements to DVD's with). A thin layer of that is plenty sticky enough to resolve our issue --but is designed to not leave behind a residue.

    I think the idea of this product is great, and if you could redesign it to stay on while typing fast it would be perfect. But if you expect, or have an ideal that someone should choose between protecting their keyboard and being productive you're sadly mistaken. 1. That doesn't have to be a choice, I feel this issue could easily be resolved. 2. People WON'T make that choice in your favor!

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    Moshi Keyboard Protector

    This product is AWESOME. 5/5 for this.
    I love how snug/perfect it fits. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. For all the people complaining on cleaning, you probably 95% did it wrong. For all who are worried about cleaning, don't be worried. Info for cleaning:
    1. Apply some mild detergent (i.e. dish washing detergent) on a damp cloth
    2. Gently scrub both the front and backside of ClearGuard with the cloth
    3. Rinse ClearGuard thoroughly with water
    4. Place ClearGuard on tissue paper and air dry naturally
    *Note: Excessive force during cleaning may induce wrinkles/creases
    Do not use soap to clean ClearGuard.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Lasts about as long as...

    you decide to wash it. The keyboard protector was good for two says or so, but quickly starts to pick up dust and finger markings which show quite clearly because of the clear color. The protector also leaves keyboard impressions when you close your screen and when you try to wash it as directed on the package (light detergent and a wet cloth), there ends up being splotches on the product which also affects the backlighting of your keyboard. If you buy this product, you will probably have to replace it every week as cleaning is not an option. Definitely not worth the price and the product does not last.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    A Great Product for your MacBook

    I just purchased the Moshi ClearGuard for my new MacBook and I am so glad that I did. The product is really great, I have no problems thus far with it. It is really thin and does not impede on my typing whatsoever. You can still clearly see the backlighting through the cover. In my opinion the cover is great, I really enjoy the feel of typing with it plus it is so simple to remove and clean. Would highly recommend the product.

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    Great for what it was intended for

    I have had this keyboard guard for a year. It does protect against spills and splashes, which is exactly what I got it for after ruining a laptop keyboard with a drink one time. The downsides are that it dulls the look of your keys, making them hard to see when they are not back lit. And it also makes the sound of the computer tinny. I am not sure about the heat dissipation issue, but I use my laptop several hours a day, and have never had any heat issues so far. If you have long fingernails though, you might end up cutting through the film after a time. But even with the problems, I love this guard and rely on it to protect my computer. If this one had a hole, I would buy another one in a second.

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    Should be standard equipment

    This protector should come in the box with every Macbook. If you appreciate how exquisitely prone Macs are to damage from even the slightest exposure to liquids (something I learned the hard way fairly recently), then you understand that a protector like this is a requirement, not a luxury, and I'm somewhat annoyed that I have to pay extra for it. But it is what it is. Don't wait until you experience a catastrophic failure due to accidental spillage (specifically NOT covered by any warranty), as I did, before making this small investment to protect your much larger investment.

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    Great product

    I've been using this for a few months now and I have a recommendation before you start using it. After a while the used keys get a white haze from the oil and skin from your fingers which is difficult to remove. I was cleaning my macbook with klearscreen iKlear and I sprayed some on the Moshi. It made the keys less 'sticky'and easier to clean off the muck. BTW, I tried other key covers and this is by far the best.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    its cool, unless you hover over your keyboard like me.

    I bought this item because of the positive reviews. For what you get, it is extremely expensive. It is basically just a thin piece of elastic plastic. The packaging is very nice, and I would be willing to bet that the package costs the manufacturer more to make than the unit itself. It has several problems. First of all, I am using it on a 17" macbook pro. Although they say that it fits this unit, I can tell you that it was definitely not designed for it. The edges of the unit go past the recessed keyboard area, so the unit is constantly slipping off, because the plastic hovers over the top of the keys rather than sit on them. The top function keys are not a perfect fit, and the unit slips off whenever I press the delete key. I am thinking of trimming the edges of the unit with an Xacto blade so that the unit will sit on top of the keys, rather than hover... hopefully this will help cure the slipping, which is extremely annoying.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I recently noticed my macbook unibody (about 2 weeks old now) getting a lot of grease, dust buildup on the keyboard and the keys itself. I ended up purchasing the iKlear solution to clean my keys up--which I highly recommend, it did wonders for me-and it made my keys look brand new again. And I also purchased this Moshi keyboard protector to prevent further buildup. So far I've used to for 3 days and it is fantastic. You can barely feel the silicone type skin underneath your fingers. And it is specially made for the macbook keys, so it fits well. If you're looking for great protection for your keyboard, but don't want the hassle of bulky silicone covers, definitely get this one. It is 1/5 of the size of regular silicone covers and it does a great job!

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    Perfect Keyboard protector for Macbook pro!!!

    I bought this keyboard protector right after just getting my macbook pro 13"
    I read the reviews and people say that it was good.
    But i didn't have high expections...its just a keyboard protector :\
    But wow! when i put the keyboard protector, it's like it isn't even there! it fits perfectly on the MCP keyboard! And i love how smooth and clean it feels when i touch the keyboard.
    It still do feel the rubber feel when typing, but it isn't so much that it disrupts you.
    I think this product is a must for macbook users because i notice after a while the keyboard get really durty with dust and hair. Also the greese makes the keyboard look disgusting.
    Love this product, MUST HAVE!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Ah,,,,It happened!!

    My son bought a Macbook in October of 2009. I went with him to the Applestore - my first exposure to Apple and Apple People. One week after buying the Macbook - he spilled a cup of coffee into the keyboard. The Macbook was FRIED. Apple gave him a brand new one. He bought this cover. I needn't say more, but I was so impressed by Apple - that I gave up 30 years of PC use and bought an iMac a month later. I'm so impressed by this iMac that I'm buying another one for my wife's birthday.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I saved my own money for a long time to get a macbook pro when I started college. I wanted to protect my investment so I bought some things for it. I didn't initially think about the keyboard though. I noticed that after a time the keyboard, especially the space bar was getting a very unattractive shiny gloss over it. And the keys felt a little slippery and just not as satisfying to type on. I spend a lot of time typing, and I really didn't want my keyboard getting worn out any time soon. Or to have my entire computer not stand a chance if some water was to sink into the internal parts through the keyboard if something was spilled. The keyboard seems to be the most vulnerable part of the computer in terms of spill damage. The only problem was that I also really, really hate the squishy rubbery feel of most keyboard protectors. I don't want my keyboard to feel like it has a little latex pillow that I have to press through over each key. Tactile response is everything in keyboards. So I did some research and found all of the Moshi products for macbooks.

    At first I was a bit disappointed. The cover was rising up in a corner and not laying perfectly flat like I wanted it to. I also had to get used to the new feel, even if it was only slightly different. But after a few days, it just flattened out and now conforms to the macbook perfectly. I really don't notice it all now. My only reminder is the slight clouding of the color of the black keys. But that's only superficial, and well worth it. The back lights show through with no issues whatsoever.

    I did a lot of research before picking this one and there seems to be a lot of issues with the cheaper alternatives that deterred me from buying them. Other keyboard protectors that try to color the rubber on top of the keys to either make it more discrete (black) or putting funky colors on it. Maybe a different color can be cute or the black can be less noticeable but it obscures the real keyboard and its back lights. I saw some video reviews where they either didn't show through at all, or they did but the letters on the cover were not in line with the letters on the keyboard. It creating a sort of blurry, layered effect for all of the letters in the dark. Some also didn't actually have the same shape of the keys in the cover, they made the cover completely squared instead of slightly rounded like the keys really are. Some also made the lettering on the keyboard bigger than it was on the keyboard. I thought it made it look pretty juvenile... None of that is an issue with the moshi keyboard because it's just letting the real keys show through. All while avoiding that squish. Why do youtube reviewers think it's a good thing if the cover can stretch like a rubber band...?

    Cleaning is very easy, and not needed often anyway. Tactile response is actually a little better now in my opinion. It feels more natural than it did before; after I got used to it, of course. Other keyboard protectors do not compare by a long shot. It's not a floppy piece of rubber. It doesn't stretch like a rubber band when you are handling it. It keeps it shape. And best of all, its discrete. Clearly the length of this review speaks to how easy it is to type on as well :)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Turns Back The Clock!

    As the title says, this product really takes the wear out of my keyboard. After using my MBP without the cover for 8 months it started to look slightly used, even after a thorough cleaning. Then looking at the keyboard after about a month of using the cover, the keyboard itself looks resilient and factory fresh, without any signs of wear and tear. I'd say it's a great small investment especially since it will cover the keyboard holes and protect from accidental liquid spill as well. Great product. Highly suggested!

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    works great-difficult to clean

    i purchased this because it looked very promising in the photos on apple. as soon as i got it, it has a slightly loose fit. the only problem was i only had it for about 4 months and it started to get very cloudly and the translucent look on the silicone was going away. i tried washing it coz i thought it was grease and it got a lot worse.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    A Must Have!

    I am in love with this product. The clear keyboard protector is almost invisible, and my favorite part is the sound reduction from typing. It is worth the investment. :)

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Honestly? It kinda stinks, but you should still buy it.

    1. Sits loosely on the keyboard - nothing to hold it in place, so if you type as fast as I do, you will end up needing to readjust after a few minutes...by that, I mean just run your hand across the keyboard to smooth it out. Not a huge issue, but it is there.

    2. More opaque than photo shows. It looks like exactly what it is...a plastic rubbery thingy flopping around on my keyboard.

    3. Doesn't really lay flat - you can always see a good 1/8" of space between the top row of keys and this protector. This is the main reason why this product is so unsightly. If it really would lie flat, you wouldn't be able to see it quite so much.

    4. It ain't all that thin. That doesn't seem to affect the function, so I wouldn't bring it up if they weren't touting it in their advertising. That said, it definitely feels awkward, especially when it starts lifting up under my fingers.

    5. This product is a necessary evil - If Apple could make their keyboard keys out of a halfway decent material, I wouldn't need this stupid thing.

    I'm extremely irritated that my MacBook Pro's keys started showing wear after 5 days of use...that said, I still love the MacBook Pro and recommend it to everyone.

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