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    Worth every penny!!

    When i was using pc notebook, there was always something inside my keypad and I did break my 'Q' tried to take the dirt off because it interfered my typing.

    So when it comes to Macbook Pro i don't want to repeat the mistake and i was hoping that it will be something to protect my keypad and here it is.

    I've been using Moshi ClearGuard for a month or two and really love how it protects my keyboard and not really interfere my typing ability. Eventhough, This product is really thin I can't say that i feel that comfortable typing on the keyboard like when there's no pad. However, it's totally acceptable especially after you wash it you can feel the different; it attaches to your keypad more than when it's new.

    I'd recommend this product to any macbook owner who tends to eat and drink while working on the macbook or if you have a pet whethere short hair or long hair it will stuck under your keypad real good. Try it and you'll like it.

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    I wish I would not have wasted $ on zcover. This is the one!

    This is a must for all macbook owners. When you type with this cover you don't notice it hardly at all. It actually gives the keyboard a more professional look. You can clearly see the keys through this cover when keys are lite or not.I purchased a zcover only to have turn yellow and slow down my typing.

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    I tried the Z-cover brand covers, and they were horrible! Thick, sticky, loose, and they attracted dust rather than kept it away. This, however, if much much different. The Moshi covers are thin and solid, making it just as easy to type with it as without. It is very simple to clean. More than anything, though, I love that this cover fits PERFECTLY; and is not even slightly loose anyway, like the Z-cover. For five bucks less, this is five times better. If you are considering a cover, or even if you aren't, BUY THIS PRODUCT! You won't regret it.

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    great product

    simple design; great feel; love that it lets the illuminated keyboard shine through!

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    It's awesome

    I've tried other keyboard covers but this is the best by far. Typing with the cover on is almost as enjoyable as typing without one (other covers are so thick that it feels like the keys are glued to the keyboard). The only thing that slightly annoys me is that the cover is so thin that it is very easy for it to slip off, but I'm definitely nitpicking at this point.

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    The best so far...

    I have tried the other competitor product Z---- it was very thick and hard to type with. With Moshi it does not feel like anything is actually on. It is way thinner and you can see the illuminated keyboard underneath.

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    Best Keyboard cover

    -practically invisible
    -feels great
    -very thing, you won't notice it's on after a while
    -provides great protection against spills and dust

    -kinda pricey for a piece of plastic but worth every penny, its the only one of its kinds out there right now. Others are made of super thick silicone.

    -as it gets dirty, the more opaque it gets. So i decided to clean it with soap and water...BAD IDEA. the opaqueness got worse. So the solution is to rinse it GENTLY with water. DO NOT CRUMPLE IT UP AND SCRUB the wrinkles will be permanent. use a QTIP to clean it instead. And last but not the least go over it with a little bit of baby oil just to get it all clear and shiny again =)

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    The BEST keyboard skin ...

    I don't know how I missed THIS one for so long, but luckily I finally came across this skin and I'm so glad that I did ... it's superb! Unlike it's rivals (all of which I've tried in the past) this one is actually clear and has a GORGEOUS tactile key response (meaning you can actually still type with little to no effort)! The others feel like you are attempting to type through THICK rubber cement ... but this one is SWEET! It's quite clear (almost invisible), it's very thin, and allows for easy depressing of keys!!!!! Pricey, yes it is! Worth the cost?! YES (especially considering the cash that I spent on the other, more cloudy, thick/gross/RUBBER models)!

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