Transformation at your fingertips.

Whether it’s iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina display, there’s an iPad for every business. With iOS 8 and thousands of business apps, iPad transforms the way you work.

Engaging user experience.

From the moment you pick up iPad, you know how to use it. That’s because iOS was designed to be easy to understand. So right away, you’re productive — sending email, mapping a client’s address, dictating notes, or texting your colleagues. Everything is easy, intuitive and familiar, from scheduling meetings to recording your voice in an iMessage and sending it with a tap.

Amazing, unique features.

Hardware and software made for each other enable entirely new possibilities. Apps built into iOS take full advantage of hardware features such as the dual-core processor, accelerated graphics, wireless antennas, and more. For example, you can share contacts, videos, and photos with a nearby coworker in a few taps using AirDrop. Present ideas to a group using AirPlay Mirroring and Apple TV. And let remote colleagues see what you see using FaceTime.

Seamless software updates.

Because Apple designs the hardware and software to work seamlessly together, iOS has excellent support for software updates. This means that as software evolves and new features are added, updates are immediately available to devices, bringing new functionality for users and IT departments. iOS software updates are made available for free, on the same day, across a wide variety of supported devices and models. By getting the latest iOS updates, your users have the freedom to work knowing that the latest security features are also in effect. And iOS sends alerts when it’s time to get the latest version.

iOS and the new IT.

Progressive IT organizations are prioritizing productivity by empowering employees with iPad. Apple makes it easy to manage iOS devices on corporate networks so that IT can focus on what’s most important — helping employees transform the way they work.

Fast, simple deployment
at any scale.

Deploying iPad in your organization can be a zero-touch effort for IT regardless of whether they’re managing corporate-owned or BYOD devices. iOS makes it simple for employees to set up their iPad and access corporate services, right out of the box.

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Complete management.

Thanks to iOS and built-in frameworks for third-party mobile device management (MDM) solutions, you can manage devices over the air, configure access to corporate services, and protect corporate data — without compromising the engaging user experience that iOS is known for.

Security that’s built in,
not bolted on.

iOS is designed with advanced security technologies built right in so that IT has end-to-end control of devices, data, and apps. Many security features are enabled by default and require no configuration. Others are easily managed to fit seamlessly into an organization without added complexity for users. iOS delivers a secure architecture, provides enhanced data protection, and offers secure access to corporate information networks.

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Productivity at work.

iOS has the most extensive ecosystem for apps on any mobile platform. From built-in apps, to off-the-shelf apps in the App Store, to custom apps created in-house or by a third-party developer, you have infinite ways to transform your business.