More things you’ll love
to do with Apple Watch.

Never miss what matters.

When it‘s not convenient to reach for your phone, your notifications can come right to your wrist.

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Reply on the fly.

Apple Watch gives you lots of options for quick but meaningful replies.

The human touch.

The Taptic Engine adds a physical dimension to notifications by tapping you like a person would.

Know the ins and outs.

Receive messages and instantly respond in a variety of relevant ways.

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Set your priorities.

You can access updated information from your favorite apps by putting it right on your watch face. Tap the complication to go directly to the app.

What else do you need to know?

With new apps being developed all the time, there's almost no end to the number of amazingly useful notifications and alerts you can receive.

Boarding pass-less.

The Wallet app automatically displays your ticket when it’s time to check in at the gate.

Mirror your iPhone. Or be more specific.

iPhone lets you be selective with your notifications. So you only hear from the people and apps you care about most.

Make a phone call from your wrist.

Press the side button to access Friends, then select who you want to dial.

Say it with a sketch.

Draw something colorful for a friend. They can watch your drawing animate, then respond with a custom creation for you.

Sit less. Move more. Get some exercise.

The Activity app tracks you progress toward reaching three daily fitness goals.

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Ring. Ring. Ring.

Swipe up on your watch face to see your Stand, Move, and Exercise rings in the Activity glance.

Muscle memory.

The Workout app lists your favorite exercises first, and remembers last and best results for each activity type.

Sweat the details.

Choose an exercise, then pick the metrics you want to see. Apple Watch accurately measures your movement.

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Stick with what works.

We've given developers access to the innovative technology of Apple Watch, so you can continue using the workout apps you already love.

Take it to the next level.

Apple Watch keeps you motivated to achieve steady progress over time, whether you‘re a dedicated athlete or just trying to fit 30 minutes of excercise into your day.

Go deeper.

With Force Touch, pressing firmly on the display reveals more controls in all kinds of apps.

Press the display to pause or end a workout.

Lost it? Ping it.

Apple Watch can tell your iPhone to play an audible alert so you can find it fast.

Take a groupie.

See a live preview from your iPhone camera, so you can snap a perfect selfie or join the group shot.

Follow the beat.

A custom sensor inside Apple Watch measures your heart rate throughout the day when you're stationary. You can view these data points in the Health app on your iPhone.

Life partners.

In addition to heart rate, the Health app keeps information from other health and fitness apps in one place.

To your health.

Because Apple Watch is always with you, health apps can play a more active, immediate role in encouraging you to keep up with personal routines and regimens.

Beat. Beat. Send.

Send a special someone your heartbeat. They‘ll see it on their Apple Watch and feel it on their wrist.

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A modern twist.

Turn the Digital Crown to zoom in and out of photos, scroll lists, and make selections.

Initiate countdown.

Use the Digital Crown to set a timer. When time‘s up, a series of rapid taps will alert you.

There's an Apple Watch for everyone.

Choose a model made from anodized aluminum. Or go with stainless steel. Every case is paired with a uniquely engineered band.

Mix it up.

Instantly change the look of Apple Watch with interchangeable bands and customizable faces.

Explore the possibilities

Your face says so much.

Apple Watch faces are designed to be incredibly personal, from the way they look to the information you choose to display on them.

Put a familiar face on time.

Create a watch face from a Live Photo. Or see a different one each time you raise your wrist.

Add your spin to the party.

Control the music on your Mac or Apple TV without leaving the dance floor.

Patch you through to you.

Start or take a call on your watch. Handoff lets you automatically continue it on your iPhone.

Timing is everything.

Apple Watch is so precise, Mickey’s foot taps in sync on every Apple Watch, everywhere.


Lay your watch on its side while charging and it goes into Nightstand mode, so you can use it as an alarm clock.