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Then make it even more you.

As with all things you wear, how a watch looks is as important as what it does. So we created lots of different models to choose from. A wide range of interchangeable bands. And customizable watch faces you can change anytime you like.

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Models There’s an Apple Watch for everyone.

Start with a case made from strong yet lightweight anodized aluminum. Or go with elegantly durable stainless steel. Both come in two different sizes and a variety of finishes. And since every model is paired with its own beautifully engineered band, you have many unique combinations to choose from.

Bands Express yourself. Again and again.

A different band can instantly change the look of Apple Watch. So we’ve created a wide selection using woven nylon, fluoroelastomer, stainless steel, and leather — in a multitude of styles and colors — and made them easily interchangeable.

Watch Faces Your face says so much.

Apple Watch faces are designed to be incredibly personal, from the way they look to the information you choose to display on them. Combine different styles, colors, and complications to create one that’s a true reflection of you.

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