A brand-new day for business.

Organisations everywhere are realising the potential that Mac brings to their employees by giving them the freedom to use the tools they already know and love.

Powering the best work everywhere.

Not only is Mac built with the best hardware and software, it’s also designed to work seamlessly with iPhone and iPad. Productivity has also never been better on Mac with a new generation of apps for business. And macOS makes it easy for IT to deploy at scale.

Mac surges while support costs drop at IBM.

Employees popularise Mac and reap productivity.

Employees have made Mac the overwhelming technology choice at IBM. Inspired by how Apple deploys Mac internally, IBM followed suit — shifting to a modern approach to deploying, managing and supporting devices.

With Mac, employees are up and running quickly with no need for complex instructions or in-depth training — rapidly benefiting from the usability of macOS, a platform that they are already familiar with from personal use at home.

Modern services enable scalability at speed.

To implement the Mac@IBM programme, IBM created services to roll out each Mac in a day’s turn, all within a highly secure environment. This modern approach to deployment allowed IBM to roll out up to 250 new Mac notebooks per day, adding to the over 130,000 Apple devices already in use at the company.

Behind the scenes was an IBM-developed zero-touch deployment process, which takes advantage of the Apple Device Enrolment Programme and device management from JAMF.

Each Mac is distributed to end-users in a shrink-wrapped box, without imaging or any kind of expensive staging services. And built-in tools in macOS secure and protect corporate data without the need for IT to license additional third-party software.

Between lower support costs and higher residual values, every Mac we deploy makes and saves money for IBM.

Fletcher Previn, VP of Workplace as a Service, IBM

Light support yields big benefits.

With the Mac@IBM programme in place, the company is realising a dramatic reduction in help desk costs, better coverage ratios for support staff and higher satisfaction ratings from employees. Users are more engaged, more productive, and need less support from the help desk.

And now, IBM is bringing these same services and best practices to companies around the world.

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Fewer Support Calls

5%of Mac users
40%of PC users

Only 5% of Mac users need support from the help desk, compared to 40% of PC users.

Lower Cost

$270 Average savings for IBM from every Mac that is deployed instead of a PC.

Speed and Scale

Up to 250 Macs deployed per day.

Power and performance for every business.

From thin and light notebooks to powerful desktop computers, every Mac is packed with advanced hardware and software that work together seamlessly to deliver everything that employees need to work.

Software and hardware made for each other.

Because Apple designs both the software and hardware, every Mac delivers the best possible experience for employees. macOS works seamlessly with hardware in every Mac, like the super-responsive trackpad in Mac notebooks that makes Multi-Touch gestures feel natural to use. And thanks to multicore Intel processors and fast flash storage, a Mac wakes instantly from sleep, ready to perform any task.

Technology that works around the clock.

Inside every Mac are some seriously advanced technologies — from state-of-the-art processors to graphics, storage and memory. Even with an enormous amount of power packed into such a slim design, Mac notebooks have advanced energy‑saving technologies that help extend battery life to last through the working day.

Built to handle work on the go.

With a remarkable unibody design that’s thin and light, Mac notebooks are incredibly portable, yet strong enough to handle just about anything employees might come across, anywhere they go.

Better for the environment.

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, Apple approaches things differently — through our products. That’s why every Mac is energy efficient and free of many harmful toxins.

The perfect complement for a mobile world.

When employees use a Mac or an iOS device, they’re able to do incredible things. And when employees use them together, they can do so much more. A Mac will work with iPhone and iPad in ways no other computer can. And because they run many of the same apps, employees can move seamlessly between devices without missing a beat.

Instantly familiar.

Because your employees already know how to use iPhone and iPad, they’ll be comfortable with a Mac in no time. macOS comes with many of the same applications as iOS, which means employees can work in similar ways no matter which device they choose to work from.

Better together.

With Continuity, employees can move from one task to another, across devices, seamlessly. They can start an email, edit a document or surf the web on one device, and pick up where they left off on another. And now in macOS Sierra, Continuity is even more powerful with new features like Auto Unlock with Apple Watch and Universal Clipboard.

Wireless ways to work.

Thanks to the latest technologies in macOS, employees can work the way they want, without being tethered down by unnecessary cables. Employees can deliver presentations wirelessly with AirPlay and Apple TV, and share files easily with AirDrop — even from a Mac to an iOS device.

New ways for employees to get work done.

With macOS and the built-in apps that come with every Mac, employees can be productive straightaway — on a platform they love. And with innovative new types of business apps, employees are able to collaborate in new ways and manage their work like never before.

Say hello to all-day productivity.

In macOS Sierra, Siri makes its debut on Mac, with new capabilities designed just for the desktop. Universal Clipboard enables images and text on the clipboard of an employee’s iOS device to be pasted on a nearby Mac — or vice versa. And Auto Unlock allows users to get instant access to their password-protected Mac through Apple Watch.

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Built-in apps for business.

macOS comes with many of the apps needed for work — for common tasks like sending email and messages or managing schedules and meetings. Many of these apps come with support for Microsoft Exchange and they sit alongside a family of creativity and productivity apps, so employees can create engaging business content without needing to purchase additional software. macOS even comes with an app for automating other apps.

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Apps that power everyday work.

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote now run better than ever on macOS. Each app works seamlessly with Microsoft Office apps on other devices, providing a consistent experience everywhere.

Microsoft Office 2016

Apps built around new workflows.

Developers everywhere are creating business apps that harness the power of the Mac platform, which is reinventing how employees communicate and collaborate on projects.

Apps for new kinds of creativity.

Mac has always been a powerhouse for creatives. But now it’s enabling business users everywhere to create beautiful content, whether retouching images or using 3D models to prototype new products. Creativity is now open to every line of business.

Autodesk Fusion 360

Apps to build more apps.

With modern development tools, companies are using Mac to create engaging app experiences for customers and employees. And because macOS and iOS share many of the same key frameworks, developers can build once and easily deploy to multiple platforms.

With Swift, every business can build apps.

Swift is an innovative programming language that enables developers to
easily build business apps that run on macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS.

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Mac makes work accessible to all.

macOS comes as standard with a wide range of assistive technologies that help people with disabilities experience what Mac has to offer. With built-in tools like VoiceOver and Zoom, your employees can get more from a device they use all day, every day.

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A breath of fresh air for IT.

With easy integration into corporate environments, organisations everywhere are managing Mac much like they manage iPhone and iPad. Because macOS is secure by design, there’s no need for IT to install additional tools or lock down functionality for employees.

Seamless integration.

The versatility and power of macOS help Mac fit in anywhere, including Windows environments using Microsoft Exchange. And with support for the same networking standards as iPhone and iPad, macOS can easily connect to corporate networks and VPN.

Streamlined deployment.

Thanks to built-in support for mobile device management, Mac can be managed with many of the same controls that IT uses for other platforms. And with the Apple Device Enrolment Programme and Volume Purchase Programme, a Mac can set itself up automatically out of the box with everything employees need. No system imaging required.

Security built in.

macOS was designed with advanced technologies that work together to constantly monitor, encrypt and update each Mac. And built-in tools like FileVault 2 and Gatekeeper help secure corporate data and protect users from malware without requiring additional software.

Easy to support.

Because Mac is designed to be simple and intuitive, employees need less support from traditional help desk services, and many employees can be fully self‑sufficient with minimal help from IT.

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