iOS 7. The basics.

Swipe to unlock

Unlock your iPhone by swiping anywhere on the Lock screen. And on iPhone 5s, if you’ve set up Touch ID, simply place your finger on the Home button to unlock it.

Get to Control Centre from any screen

Swipe up from any screen — even the Lock screen — to open Control Centre for quick access to useful controls and features.

Notification Centre on the Lock screen

View Notification Centre by swiping down on any screen, including the Lock screen. You can tap to switch views — Today, All and Missed. To get traffic updates in Today view, enable Location Services.

Switch apps with multitasking

To quickly switch to an app you have open, press the Home button twice, then select the app you want by tapping its icon or preview screen.

New and remastered sounds

Go to Settings and tap Sounds to explore dozens of new system sounds and ringtones, including remastered classic sounds.

Spotlight search

You can find anything on your device with Spotlight search. Simply swipe down from the middle of your Home screen and the search field appears.

iCloud Photo Sharing

Create a shared stream

To share photos and videos, create a shared stream. In the Shared Streams view, tap +. Now give your stream a name, invite people, and add your photos and videos.

Add photos to a shared stream

Select a photo or photos, tap Share, select iCloud, choose the shared stream you want to add to, and tap Post.

Add friends to a shared stream

To invite more of your friends and family to a shared stream, select the stream, tap People and select Invite People. Your friends and family with iOS 7 devices can add photos, videos and comments to your stream.


Drop everything with AirDrop

AirDrop is the quickest and easiest way to share with someone nearby. First make sure you’ve enabled AirDrop in Control Centre. Then select the photo, video or document — whatever you want to share — tap the Share icon and choose who you want to share with. AirDrop does the rest.

Go further with iOS 7.

Swipe to go back or forward

In Mail and Safari, swipe left to right from the edge of your screen to go back. Or swipe right to left to go forward.

FaceTime audio calls

Now you can make audio-only FaceTime calls. On a contact's card, tap the phone icon in the FaceTime section.

Messages time stamps

View time stamps of your messages by dragging message bubbles to the left.

Smart Mailboxes

Tap Edit to organise your mail with new Smart Mailboxes: Unread, To or CC, Attachments, All Drafts, All Sent and All Trash.

Manage your mail

Quickly get options like Trash, Move and more by swiping from right to left on your messages.

Safari tabs

Rearrange your tabs by dragging and dropping.

Close a tab in Safari

Close tabs quickly by swiping them off the screen.

Calendar List view

Get a list of every event in Calendar by tapping the search icon.

Full-screen Maps

Search for an address and get the whole picture by tapping once to take Maps full screen.

Weather gestures

Pinch to close an individual location to get a glance of all your cities at once. Drag and drop to rearrange the order. Swipe from right to left on a location to delete it.

Compass features

Get a level or an inclinometer by swiping left in Compass.