Make your iPhone your own.

From the fun and colourful iPhone 5c Case to the beautifully crafted iPhone 5s Case to the new docks, accessories make your iPhone even more personal and useful.

iPhone 5c Case.

These new cases are as colourful and well made as iPhone 5c — because they were designed alongside it. The fit is impeccable. And they come in six different colours, so you can create 30 bright combinations. Unlike most cases, these weren’t designed just to add protection. They were designed to add fun.

Express yourself.

With six unlike-anything-else colours, the iPhone 5c Case is bold and bright from every angle — even the front. It makes an impossible-to-ignore statement about who you are.

Just the right touch.

The soft-touch silicone keeps your iPhone 5c well protected, and it feels great in your hand.

Every colour fits perfectly.

The fit of the case is every bit as fun as the colour — even the volume buttons are wrapped in colour. And the precision-drilled camera and speaker holes align perfectly.

Microfibre lining.

On the inside of each case, a soft microfibre lining helps keep your iPhone 5c looking like new.

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iPhone 5s Case.

New Apple-designed cases pair beautifully with your iPhone 5s. They’re crafted from premium leather, so they look and feel luxurious. They come in six different colours — including a (RED)™ edition. And they’re precision engineered to fit your iPhone 5s. So even when the case is on, your device is still slim and elegant in your hand.

You’re covered. Beautifully.

The iPhone 5s Case is the perfect complement to your iPhone 5s. It fits exactly as it should. It feels comfortable when you hold it. And it helps keep your iPhone 5s in mint condition.

A whole new texture.

Premium leather feels soft and buttery and offers excellent protection. And the pigment-rich dye is infused into the leather, creating colour that is more than just surface deep.

Fit and trim.

Designed to follow every hole, button and curve of your iPhone 5s, the case has an extremely thin and light profile. Even the holes on the bottom are cut to exact specifications with a high-speed drill normally used for cutting circuit boards.

Microfibre lining.

The soft, colour-matched microfibre lining helps keep the finish of your iPhone 5s looking beautiful.

Apple TV.

Apple TV lets you stream content from your iPhone to your widescreen TV. You can look at photos, watch home videos, play games and even view content from many of your favourite apps — all on the biggest screen in the house.


With your iPhone in the dock, you can still see the screen while it’s charging. Which means you can use your iPhone as a clock or for a hands-free video call. Simply plug in a Lightning to USB Cable (sold separately) and you’re good to go. There’s even an audio out port to connect your stereo or powered speakers.

iPhone 5c Dock
iPhone 5s Dock

Apple EarPods.

You’ll hear deeper, richer bass and better audio all round with Apple EarPods. And they’re incredibly comfortable and stable in your ears.

Apple In-Ear Headphones.

Equipped with a mic and remote. And engineered for superior acoustic accuracy, balance and clarity.

Apple cables and adapters.

Lightning to USB Cable (0.5m)

Connect to a computer or power adapter for syncing and charging your iPhone. This compact cable is perfect for your desk or in your car.

Lightning to USB Cable (2m)

With this longer cable, you don’t need to be next to your computer or a power point to charge and sync your iPhone. You can place it near your bed or on a coffee table.

Apple 5W USB Power Adapter

The Apple 5W USB Power Adapter offers fast, efficient charging at home, in the office or on the go. It works with any iPhone, iPad mini or iPod model.

Lightning to 30‑pin Adapter

This adapter lets you connect devices with a Lightning connector to many of your 30‑pin accessories.

Lightning to 30‑pin Adapter (0.2m)

Use this cable to connect devices with a Lightning connector to many of your 30‑pin accessories.

Lightning to VGA Adapter

Connect your iPhone to a VGA‑equipped TV or display, then output video or mirror your iPhone screen.

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Mirror the display of your iPhone screen and output video content (up to 1080p HD) to your HDMI-equipped HDTV.