iOS and the new IT.

Progressive IT organisations everywhere are prioritising productivity by empowering employees with iPhone and iPad. Because it’s easy to manage iOS devices on corporate networks, IT can focus on what’s most important — enabling users and driving innovation.

Simple steps to streamline your setup.

Apple programmes and services help businesses easily deploy and manage iOS devices and content. Follow the simple steps below to plan for your deployment.

Prepare your infrastructure.

Evaluate your existing network infrastructure to make sure your business takes full advantage of everything that iOS offers. With support built into iOS for Wi‑Fi, Mail and Calendar, Single sign-on, and VPN, iPhone and iPad can integrate seamlessly into your enterprise IT environment.

Invest in a management solution.

Third-party Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are essential for deploying devices, distributing apps and managing corporate data. These solutions work seamlessly with the native management framework built into iOS, allowing organisations to easily set up devices and manage content remotely and wirelessly. Whether you’re looking for a cloud-hosted solution or an on-premises server, there are a wide variety of options, so you can choose an MDM provider that’s best for your environment.

Automate device setup.

The Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) provides a fast, streamlined way to automatically enrol corporate-owned iOS devices in MDM. Supervision can be wirelessly enabled, allowing additional restrictions to be applied. With Apple Configurator 2, you can use DEP to enrol devices in MDM without anyone tapping the device to set it up.

Distribute apps.

The Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) allows businesses to purchase iOS apps in volume and distribute them to employees. You can also get custom B2B apps that are built uniquely for you. Alternatively, sign up for the Apple Developer Enterprise programme to develop custom apps in-house and distribute them internally.