Industrial-strength solutions.

Apple and IBM are redefining the mobile enterprise by combining the exponential power of corporate data with the world’s most advanced mobile technology. This global partnership is delivering a new generation of IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps that connect users to big data and analytics on their iOS devices — changing how they work in empowering ways.

Made only for iOS.

No other mobile platform can deliver the experience, security and reliability of iOS. These new apps are exclusive to iOS and make the most of its unique technologies and tools. And because they’re native, these apps are fast, familiar and optimised for productivity.

What’s good for your employees is even better for your customers.

If employees have easy mobile access to more relevant, personalised and intelligent information in the moment, the customer engagement transforms along with it. IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps have the power to impact brand loyalty and drive new business at scale — redefining your customer experience.

Bringing the back end forwards.

IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps tap into your back-end systems — even those not originally designed for the mobile world — and bring that data to your employees on the mobile devices they know and love. And the information gets even better with analytics that learn how people use them, improving the experience every time they’re put to work.

Complex problems meet smart, agile solutions.

Never before has this critical mass of corporate information been so accessible on a mobile device. IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps are solving industry pain points by taking a user-centric approach to design and functionality. And each app can be customised to your company’s data ecosystem, brand requirements and business processes.

Results in no time.

Speed to market is another differentiating feature of these apps. Fast development is made possible with the powerful tools built into the iOS SDK. Fast deployment happens in weeks with IBM’s streamlined approach to integration. And employees are quick to embrace the apps because they’re so simple to use.

Meet a new class of enterprise apps.

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