One of the best things about a Mac is everything you can do with it.

It comes with apps for surfing the web, sending email and reading books. Apps for creativity. Apps for productivity. Even an app for finding new apps. Your Mac is more than fully featured, it’s fully loaded.

Safari. The smartest way to surf.

Safari has great features and innovations that let you enjoy more of the web. With Shared Links, it’s easy to see web pages shared by people you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s also easy for you to share web pages. Just click the Share button to tweet, post to Facebook or send to a friend. There are energy-saving technologies that let you surf longer. And built-in privacy features that protect you from being tracked as you go. With incredible performance and support for the latest web standards, there’s no better way to browse. Learn more

Mail. An inbox full of great features.

Mail is the simplest, most powerful way to manage email on your Mac. It’s easy to set up and works with popular email services like iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL and Microsoft Exchange. If you have multiple email accounts, add them to Mail and access them all from one place. With Mail, you can work with messages in your inbox when you’re offline too. Searching is fast and powerful. Attaching files or images is as simple as dragging and dropping. And with a choice of views, Mail makes full use of your widescreen display. So it looks as great as it works.

iBooks. Mac joins the book club.

Launch iBooks on your Mac and any book you’ve downloaded on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch will automatically appear on your bookshelf. And there are thousands more to discover in the iBooks Store.1 Reading is easy and intuitive — turn pages with a swipe and zoom in with a pinch. If you’re a student hitting the books, you can keep as many open as you like. And when you take notes or highlight passages on your Mac, iCloud pushes them to all your devices automatically. It even remembers which page you’re on, so you can always pick up where you left off.1

Mac App Store. Get apps for your Mac, from your Mac.

Just like shopping at the App Store on your iPad and iPhone, the Mac App Store offers thousands of apps to browse and purchase on your Mac. New apps install in one step straight to Launchpad. And now the Mac App Store can automatically update your apps for you, so you always have the latest versions. Learn more

iPhoto. Where your photos live. And come to life.

iPhoto gives you everything you need to do everything you want with your photos. Keep them organised and easy to find in lots of different ways. Use powerful yet simple editing tools to perfect each shot. Send your photos via Mail and Messages. Post them to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Create entertaining slideshows, or share your pictures with friends and family using iCloud. You can even turn your favourite shots into gorgeous photo books, cards, calendars and prints — all without ever leaving iPhoto. Learn more

iMovie. A major production. Without the major production.

With iMovie, you have a great home for all your home videos. An all-new design makes it easy to browse and lets you share your favourite moments instantly. And when you want to transform a few clips into your all‑time favourite movie or trailer, iMovie gives you the tools to share it with your closest fans or make it ready for your world premiere. Learn more

GarageBand. Incredible music. In the key of easy.

Creating great music on your Mac has never been easier. Or more fun. GarageBand gives you a dream collection of amps and stompboxes, an all-new Sound Library of instruments and loops — even a virtual session drummer that follows your lead. And you can release your hit single to the world in seconds. From music lessons to mastering tools, GarageBand has everything you need to make and share truly great music, while having a blast doing it.2 Learn more

Pages. The last word in word processing.

From the first letter you type, you’ll realise how natural it is to make beautiful documents in Pages. Paint a picture with words. Or add a picture, shape or interactive chart. Tools for whatever you’re doing appear when you need them. When you’re ready, you can share in lots of ways with a single click. Writing has never been so effortless. Full stop.3 Learn more

Numbers. Spreadsheets have never brought so much to the table.

Numbers helps you make spreadsheets more insightful — and more beautiful. Drop your data into a stunning, Apple-designed template. Or start with a blank canvas. Add in some quick calculations. Then visualise the numbers with a dramatic interactive chart. Suddenly, you see what it all means. How beautiful is that?3 Learn more

Keynote. Your presentation. Totally decked out.

Start by choosing a polished Apple-designed theme. Bring in photos and videos, and tweak them with powerful graphics tools. Spotlight crucial points with animated, interactive charts. Then cue up cinematic effects and transitions. It’s all available from an intuitive interface. With Keynote, giving a spectacular presentation is astonishingly easy.3 Learn more


Now you’ve got the whole world at your desktop. And at your fingertips like never before. With Maps, you can look up directions on your Mac and send them straight to your iPhone for voice navigation.4 Your bookmarks and recent searches are automatically pushed to your iOS devices. You can get information on restaurants, hotels and attractions, with phone numbers, Yelp reviews and more. And the graphics power of the Mac makes everything you do incredibly smooth and responsive.


Keep track of your busy schedule and share it with others. Create separate calendars — one for home, another for school and so on — and see them all at a glance. A new inspector lets you add a location to your event, auto-completes addresses as you type, and provides a map and weather forecast. It can even plan for travel time. Calendar works with Yahoo! and Google. And with iCloud, it stays up to date with your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


Talk, smile and laugh with anyone on an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or another Mac.5 Making a FaceTime call is as simple as clicking a contact. When someone calls, you’ll get a notification that tells you who’s calling and lets you accept, decline or set a call-back reminder.


Send unlimited messages to anyone on a Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Share photos, videos, documents or contacts with a friend or a group. See when your message has been delivered and when someone is typing a reply. It all works seamlessly with Yahoo! Messenger and AIM.


Friends, family, business associates. Store their info in Contacts. Import names, numbers, addresses and photos from other apps, Facebook and LinkedIn. Create smart groups. Print address labels and envelopes. And with iCloud, keep it all up to date on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


Reminders helps you get your to-dos done. Make to-do lists, set due dates and get alerts as deadlines approach. Tick items off your lists as you go. And to make sure you don’t forget anything, iCloud keeps your reminders up to date on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


View PDFs, photos and all kinds of files without having to open the apps they were created with. Take them full screen with a click. Select text or images to copy and paste. Reorder a document or delete pages. Mark it up with easy-to-use annotation tools. You can also crop, rotate, resize and save image files in a range of formats.


Think it up. Jot it down. Make your note more noteworthy with photos, images and attachments. Send them with Mail or Messages, or pin important notes to your desktop. And when you make a note on your Mac, iCloud automatically updates your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


iTunes is the easiest way to organize and enjoy the music, films, apps, and books you already have — and shop for the ones you want to get. And with iCloud, everything you buy from iTunes is easily accessible on all your other devices, too. So wherever you are, your favorite entertainment is always right there with you.

Game Center

Go head-to-head with anyone on a Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Just create a Game Center account with your Apple ID. Then sign in, and you’re in. You can see the games you’ve played, start a new one, check out leaderboards, even share your scores on Facebook and Twitter.

Time Machine

Time Machine works with an external hard drive or AirPort Time Capsule (sold separately) to automatically back up the data on your Mac. Just set it up once and you’re done. Time Machine backs up your entire system, including files, applications, accounts, preferences, music, photos, movies and documents.

Photo Booth

Say hello to the silly side of Mac. Take fun snapshots and make short videos. Snap single photos or a four-photo burst. The real fun starts when you add effects and backdrops, like the Eiffel Tower or outer space. Just click Share to post them on Facebook and Twitter.