Apple Web Badges


The Apple technology web badges have been developed to enable you to endorse Apple and its products in the creation or delivery of content on the World Wide Web. Use these badges only if your web site uses or was created using Apple-branded hardware or software. Please follow these guidelines carefully. In doing so, you reinforce Apple’s corporate and brand identities, while reaping the benefits of those identities.

To download, click on the desired badge.

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Usage guidelines

Credit Lines

Use the appropriate credit line listed on the download page with each Apple technology web badge.

Background and Clear Space

Minumum space

Keep the area around the Apple technology web badges clean and uncluttered. Clear space should measure at least .5x on all sides, where x equals the height of the badge. Do not use the badges as design elements or incorporate them into any other design, graphic, illustration, or logo. The preferred background color for the Apple technology web badges is white or off-white. Avoid patterned backgrounds whenever possible.

Using Web Badges

Usage examples

Make sure that Apple technology web badges are smaller than and in a clearly subordinate position to your web page title and company name or logo. Do not use the Apple technology badges in any way that might suggest that Apple endorses or is responsible for the content of your web site.

The Apple and Apple technology web badges can be used only in the approved versions shown here. Always use the electronic artwork provided. Do not alter it in any way. Do not animate, rotate, or otherwise distort any of the designs. Do not use more than one copy of a particular badge on a web page. Different Apple technology web badges can be used on the same page, as appropriate.

These badges should be configured as active links back to Apple’s corporate web site at or to specific Apple technology sites, as indicated. Do not link them to other pages on your web site or to third-party web sites.