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In addition to our iOS and OS X products, iPod nano, iTunes, and Apple TV also integrate accessibility features.

iPod nano showing VoiceOver speech output in Music Player, ‘Flume, Never Be Like You…’

iPod nano

A variety of accessibility features help you get the most out of your iPod nano. VoiceOver lets you navigate without having to see the screen by describing whatever’s under your finger — names of menus, songs, artists, or videos. Then you can double-tap, drag, or flick to control iPod nano. Or use the optional Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic to control your music. You can also change the display to white on black, or adjust the brightness to see playlists or album art in better contrast. And if you’re hard of hearing in one ear, use mono audio to hear all audio channels played in both ears, so you catch every note of every tune.


iTunes is compatible with VoiceOver, so you can easily navigate and play all the content in your iTunes library — and discover more in the iTunes Store — even if you can’t see the screen. Browse the iTunes Store easily as VoiceOver reads out headers, links, or other elements on the page. And if you’re deaf or hard of hearing, you can find plenty of entertainment in the iTunes Store. Look for the CC icon to access a broad selection of movies, TV shows, and iTunes U podcasts that support closed captioning.

Apple TV

Apple TV supports VoiceOver, so if you are blind or have low vision, you can find your favorite entertainment. VoiceOver will tell you what’s on your display and help you choose commands with the included Siri Remote. And Apple TV supports closed captions, so those who are deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy new TV episodes and thousands of movies and iTunes U videos — without missing a word.