Does The iPad mini Have Retina Display?

It' said it had the same display as an ipad 2 so I was wondering if that meant that it didn't have retina display

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    The Regular ipad mini does not have retina display, however the new model released yesterday will have a retina display.

    • Answered by Michelle S from Strathmore
    • 27-Oct-2013
  • As on Oct 22, a new iPad mini with Retina display has been announced.

    • Answered by Venkatesan K from Falls Church
    • 22-Oct-2013
  • There are versions of the iPad Mini with and without a Retina Display.

    • Answered by David C from Menlo Park
    • 03-Nov-2013
  • The iPad mini (2nd generation) has a Retina display. The 1st generation (2012 iPad mini) does not.

    • Answered by Zachary S from Nescopeck
    • 11-Nov-2013
  • A new iPad mini with Retina display is coming out in November but the old iPad doesn't have one.

    • Answered by Adam A from Castro Valley
    • 31-Oct-2013
  • The new iPad mini has a retina display, coming soon in November 2013.

    • Answered by Judith D from Bloomsburg
    • 08-Nov-2013
  • No, the current model does not have retina display as of October 2013.
    However, during November 2013, the NEW iPad Mini WITH Retina display will be released in the UK.
    No definitive date as yet, only the month is known.

    • Answered by David S
    • 28-Oct-2013

    • Answered by Michael O from Bay Shore
    • 06-Nov-2013
  • The iPad mini with retina display and iPad Air have the same number of pixels on the screen, both are "retina" quality. The cheaper basic iPad mini does NOT have a retina quality display and is similar to the iPad 2.

    The iPad Air has more lifelike colors, brightness and contrast. The display on both the iPad mini, and iPad mini retina look "washed out" next to the iPad Air.

    To some people (like me) the difference is quite pronounced. Other people (like my wife) don't even notice.

    • Answered by Dave K from Toronto
    • 18-Dec-2013
  • The regular iPad mini does not have retina display, but however the new ipad mini has retina display

    • Answered by B E from Castle Rock
    • 16-Mar-2014
  • yes as of october 22 it now has retina

    • Answered by Michael B from Gordonsville
    • 26-Dec-2013
  • No.don have

    • Answered by Liu C from N.s
    • 02-Dec-2013
  • no in does not

    • Answered by Dylan L from Linden
    • 10-Sep-2013