Do iPod 5 cases fit iPhone 5s

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    No. The iPod Touch cases are to slim and won't fit on the 5s due to the width of the 5s.

    • Answered by Jordan J from Torrance
    • 08-Jun-2014
  • Yes they do. But it shakes a little but all you have to do is use make up remover pads inside the case from shaking.

    • Answered by Brittany B from Bayboro
    • 22-Mar-2015
  • No. The iPod 5 is thinner.

    • Answered by Jack G from Warren
    • 10-Jun-2014
  • No they don't as the ipod 5 is has a different shape to the 5s and it is also slimmer so no it will not

    • Answered by Lockie L from Margaret River
    • 04-May-2014
  • No. The iPod 5 is much slimmer.

    • Answered by Victor K from Zlatograd
    • 02-Jun-2014