An all-star cast of new features.

This release debuts the most powerful set of features since the launch of Final Cut Pro X. It starts with a redesigned interface that puts the focus on your video. The Magnetic Timeline 2 adds automatic color coding and groundbreaking new ways to display your timeline based on roles. And Final Cut Pro now supports wide color workflows and the Touch Bar, making it the ultimate way to edit on the new MacBook Pro.

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An interface that keeps the spotlight on your work.

The first thing you’ll notice when you launch Final Cut Pro 10.3 is a streamlined design that makes efficient use of screen space on notebook and desktop computers. Next you’ll discover how it lets you easily create custom window layouts to match the way you edit. Then you’ll realize it’s all so intuitive that the interface seems to disappear, letting you concentrate on what really matters: your work.

The next great turning point in the timeline.

The Magnetic Timeline 2 advances the most essential part of the editing interface further than ever. Import a clip and it’s automatically categorized and color coded by role. Drag roles in the Timeline Index to instantly rearrange them or focus on a specific one with a single click. You can even organize audio clips in lanes to keep track of complex projects. Your timeline has never been so easy to follow.

Working with Roles

Clips are color coded and arranged by categories called roles — such as dialogue, music, and effects — making them easy to identify in the browser and timeline. It’s simple to create roles, rename them, and choose custom colors. And if you change a clip’s role in the timeline, the clip instantly moves to its correct location.

Using the Timeline Index

Rearrange your timeline simply by dragging roles up or down in the Timeline Index. Click the Focus button to minimize the height of roles you don’t need to see.

Audio Lanes

In the Magnetic Timeline 2, clips cluster together to make efficient use of screen space. You can enable lanes for specific roles to create visual separation. Or click Show Audio Lanes to instantly enable lanes for all roles. When you’re done editing, convert your project to a Compound Clip to adjust volume and apply effects across an entire role.

The best Final Cut Pro ever. Even better on MacBook Pro.

Final Cut Pro adds support for new MacBook Pro features like the Touch Bar and wide color, and is engineered to take full advantage of the performance technologies of our most powerful notebook ever. So it’s not only the ultimate Mac editing app. With the new MacBook Pro, it’s the ultimate portable editing system.

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The tools you need are always at hand.

The Touch Bar puts the most commonly used editing tools in the most accessible place on a MacBook Pro — your keyboard. It automatically displays the most useful functions for what you’re doing. You can even use it to navigate your timeline with just a touch.

Work with wide color video. And see it all come together brilliantly.

Shoot video in RAW or with Log C encoding to capture a wider range of colors that bring your movie to life. Since Final Cut Pro supports Rec. 2020 wide color space, you can view your film with stunning realism on iMac and the new MacBook Pro.

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Edit suite performance, even on location.

MacBook Pro features blazing-fast flash storage and graphics. And Final Cut Pro takes full advantage. So you can start editing quicker than ever — while still importing media in the background — and benefit from accelerated rendering and multi-stream playback with 4K video.

Final Cut Pro X Performance

Up to 57% faster 4K 3D title render speed1


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More New Features

Timecode Effect

Show source timecode in the main viewer so everyone in the edit suite can see. Or burn it into your rough cuts so you all know exactly what footage was used.

Large Media and Content Browsers

Easily view photo libraries, titles, and generators in spacious browsers. Or skim and select a range of music or sound-effect clips before dragging them to the timeline or dropping them directly into an open library.

Roll Trim on Adjacent Connected Clips

You can roll trim on adjacent connected clips in the Magnetic Timeline 2, making it faster than ever to adjust the timing of B-roll or other clips attached to the Primary Storyline.

Deeper Search

Find what you need by searching the Timeline Index for Compound, Multicam, and Synchronized Clips and Auditions. Or search custom metadata in the browser or timeline.

Full-Height Inspector

Double-click the Inspector header to expand to full-screen height, so you can view more metadata and access more controls without scrolling.

Flow Transition

The Flow transition seamlessly blends a jump cut caused by pauses or mistakes in on-camera interviews.

Remove Effects and Attributes

Instantly delete all clip effects in one step. Or choose to remove specific audio and video effects from an attributes list.

Continuous Playback

Choose to play clips continuously in the browser so your selects automatically play one after the other.

Copy and Paste Timecode

Copy timecode from a document or spreadsheet and paste into Final Cut Pro to speed up entry when navigating projects.

Libraries on SMB Shared Storage

SMB 3 support lets you store libraries on network-attached storage.

More Professional Formats

Final Cut Pro supports MXF-wrapped ProRes, a flexible new format for broadcast delivery. You can also configure MXF exports based on audio roles to match broadcast-standard audio channel layouts. Apply Panasonic V-Log format for stunning color when working with professional Panasonic cameras. And take advantage of native support for Panasonic AVC-Intra LT and Sony XAVC-L at 4K. You can even export AVC-Intra files.

Custom Motion Projects in Final Cut Pro Libraries

Save custom Motion projects — including titles, effects, transitions, and templates — in your Final Cut Pro library and automatically take them with you when moving that library to another system.

XML 1.6

Support for XML 1.6 enables drag-and-drop import and export of clips, projects, and events when working with supported third-party applications.