Apple provides a variety of AppleScript script examples for download from the AppleScript website. Learn how to use AppleScript with Apple Remote Desktop 3 and find dozens of additional AppleScript resources.


Learn more about Automator and download a wide range of preconfigured Automator workflows:

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Making Packages

You can use the Package Maker application to create packages to distribute your own custom software and files. Copies of Apple’s Package Maker are included on your Apple Remote Desktop 3 CD. Visit the Apple Developer Connection for more information.

Additional resources and utilities for making packages may be found at:

Customer Profiles

Higher Education

Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

VNC software makes it possible to view and fully interact with one computer from any other computer or mobile device, anywhere on the Internet. VNC software is cross-platform, allowing remote control between different types of computers. For ultimate simplicity, there is even a Java viewer, so you can remotely control any desktop from within a browser without having to install software.

Multiple Platform Support

  • RealVNC offers a VNC client for most current operating systems.
  • TightVNC offers a VNC client for most current operating systems.
  • AT&T VNC offers source VNC code for many operating systems.

UNIX Shell Scripting


Apple hosts a dedicated discussion forum, where you will find a helpful community of experienced computer users who actively participate in issues dealing with Apple Remote Desktop.

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