Star Micronics CB2002 Flat Note Cash Drawer

  • AED 260.00
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  • Overview

    Star's series of cash drawers have been specifically designed to link with Star and other industry-standard POS printers. The CB2002 Flat Note Cash Drawer is a versatile cash drawer with four flat note clips, eight upright note, and eight coin slots in charcoal grey. You can open it with a key, or by using the software-controlled peripheral drive circuit of Star POS receipt printers.

    Mobile receipt printer customers can add Star's SACEBi tablet DK-AirCash controller to open the drawer directly from their Apple device if directed by their software.


    Three-position key lock with drawer release

    Peripheral drive circuit with compulsion switch for software-directed opening

    Four-note/eight-coin insert section with front check slot

    Removable cash drawer with lockable cover option from manufacturer

    What’s in the Box

    Star Micronics CB2002 cash drawer

    Removable coin/note holder

    6-pin modular plug connected to cash drawer

    Tech Specs

    Height: 4.49 in./11.4 cm

    Length: 16.34 in./41.5 cm

    Width: 16.14 in./41 cm

    Weight: 7 kg

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 4951319299523


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    Manufacturer Note

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