SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller

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  • Overview

    The SteelSeries Nimbus wireless controller lets you play hundreds of your favorite controller-supported games on your new Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This full-sized controller's ergonomic design is perfect for gaming. It gives you 40-plus hours of game play with just a quick charge using the Lightning connector, along with LED notifications, an easy-to-navigate menu button, and pressure-sensitive buttons for the most precise gaming controls.


    Pressure-sensitive buttons for precise gaming control

    Console-style left and right analog triggers

    Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity

    Lithium ion battery recharges via Lightning connector for 40-plus hours of gaming

    Four LEDs display your player status during multiplayer gameplay

    Color-coded action buttons

    Comfort and ergonomics of a full-sized controller

    What’s in the Box

    SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller

    Tech Specs

    Other Features: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0

    Power: Lightning connector for charging

    Batteries: Rechargeable Lithium Ion

    Height: 2.49 in./6.32 cm

    Length: 4.33 in./11 cm

    Width: 5.91 in./15 cm

    Weight: 8.54 oz./242 g

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 5707119025676


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