Microsoft Office 365 Personal (1-year Subscription; 1 License)

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Microsoft Office 365

Office for Mac Transcript [Long Version]

[Music starts]

[The all-new Office 2016 is here]

Camera zooms over the Seattle skyline.

[Unmistakably Office, designed for Mac]

A girl runs downstairs into her living room. Dad sits at the kitchen island, typing on a MacBook.

The daughter runs to an iMac to work on a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. The presentation is called “Pacific Northwest Travels.”

Product angle appears on screen.

[Multi-touch gestures]

Dad uses two fingers on his MacBook trackpad to zoom in on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet details the cost of a trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Close-up of the daughter’s presentation, highlighting the words “Pacific Northwest.”

The daughter stands in a park in Seattle, using her iPhone to take a picture of the Space Needle.

[Do your best work anywhere, anytime]

Dad puts his arm around her. He looks at his Apple Watch and sees an Outlook email pop up. The email is from Kendall, and it reminds his to check the spreadsheet.

Dad and daughter walk happily down a leafy street. Dad pulls his iPhone out of his pocket.

Product angle appears on screen, showing an Excel spreadsheet.

Dad and daughter walk into a building.

Dad works on the Pacific Northwest PowerPoint presentation on the MacBook. Text on screen calls out the “Smart Lookup” function.

Product angle appears on screen as Dad saves the presentation to OneDrive.

[Designed for teamwork]

Dad types in Microsoft Word.

Dad works on his MacBook while his daughter sleeps beside him on the couch.

Product angle appears on screen, showing off the simplified sharing features. Dad shares the document with Kendall and Luis, giving them both editing permissions.


Product angle appears on screen. Two people co-author the Word document in real time.