LaCie 2TB Rugged Thunderbolt + USB-C Portable Hard Drive

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Watch the Rugged video by LaCie

LaCie Rugged

Rugged LaCie

Music: Driving Rock Anthem

[Zak Noyle walks onto beach and looks to the horizon]

[Zak Noyle, World-Class Surf Photographer]

[Crashing Waves]

[1 Surf Photographer. 3 Hours of Epic Waves. 1 Chance for the Perfect Photo.]

[Montage of Zak's camera gear and diving equipment. Zak suits up and enters the water and swims through waves with his camera equipment. He returns to base camp and has a seat at a table where he places a laptop and a LaCie Rugged hard drive.]

[LaCie Rugged. Ultimate Storage for the Perfect Photo]

[Zak opens his laptop and begins to connect a Lacie Rugged hard drive.]

[Portable. Bus Powered via Thunderbolt and USB-C.]

[Zak inserts the thunderbolt cable attached to the LaCie Rugged to his laptop.]

[Bigger. Store up to 5TB of Content.]

[Computer monitor shows files being transfered from laptop to the LaCie Rugged.]

[Faster. Transfer Files in Seconds.]

[Progress bar shows files being transferred quickly.]

[Safer. Resists Sand, Water, and Drops.]

[LaCie Rugged is covered in water and sand as it's being handled. Zak brushes off the hard drive, disconnects the LaCie Rugged and places it in one shipping envelope, soon after opening another which contains a surf magazine featuring his photography.

[LaCie Rugged. Toughest in the Field. Fast and Secure Anywhere.

[Camera pans to reveal the final shot of the LaCie Rugged.

  • Overview

    The LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt USB-C hard drive powerfully combines reliable toughness, USB-C compatibility, and blazing-fast Thunderbolt speeds up to 130 MBps. Also offering a built-in Thunderbolt cable and IP54-rated resistance to the elements, this Rugged drive ensures you won’t have to make any compromises when it comes to durability, mobility, and speed.

    For additional protection from the unexpected, this drive comes with three years of Rescue Data Recovery Service. If your drive should stop working, LaCie recovers the data and returns it to you on a new piece of external storage. Also includes 24/7 online case status tracking. With this service your equipment is eligible for one In-Lab Data Recovery attempt during the term of coverage.*


    Thunderbolt speeds up to 130 MBps

    USB-C for universal connectivity

    Bus powered for complete mobility

    Shock, dust, and water resistant for all-terrain use

    Withstands drops of up to 5 feet (1.5 meters)

    AES 256-bit software encryption to prevent unauthorized access

    Design by neil poulton

    Includes three years of Rescue Data Recovery Service*

    What’s in the Box

    LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt USB-C Hard Drive

    USB-C (USB 3.1 5-Gbps) cable

    USB-C to USB-A cable (USB 3.0 compatible)

    Quick install guide

    Removable cover

    Tech Specs

    Other Features: Time Machine compatible

    Connections: USB-C

    Power Source: USB

    Length: 1.34 in./3.4 cm

    Width: 3.58 in./9.1 cm

    Depth: 5.84 in./14.83 cm

    Weight: 0.882lb / 0.4kg

    System Requirements

    Operating System: OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 or later

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 763649112397


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    Manufacturer Note

    *With this service your equipment is eligible for one (1) in-lab Data Recovery attempt during the term of coverage. Pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Service Plan.

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