Osmo Brilliant Game Kit for iPad

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  • Overview

    Play beyond the screen

    Osmo Brilliant Kit includes four smart games—Tangram, Numbers, Masterpiece, and Newton—that transform your iPad into a hands-on learning tool. Osmo technology "sees" how your kids move tangible pieces in front of the screen—in the real world—and then responds with instant on-screen feedback and fun.

    Fun plus fundamental skills

    These four award-winning games teach a range of key skills from math and creative engineering (Numbers and Newton) to visual thinking and self-expression (Tangram and Masterpiece).

    Kids learn by doing

    That's why each game centers on a physical activity. Whether it's arranging tangrams, zooming number tiles around, or even freehand drawing—Osmo sees and reacts to every real-life move.


    Four award-winning games that transform your iPad into a hands-on learning tool

    Turns core subjects, like math (Numbers) into fearless fun

    Encourages visual thinking (Tangram), problem-solving (Newton), and creative-drawing skills (Masterpiece)

    Designed to adjust to skill levels of kids aged 5-12

    Comes with the Osmo base (stand and reflector), plus playing pieces

    Requires iPad to play

    What’s in the Box

    Base (stand and reflector)

    Four learning games: Tangrams, Numbers, Masterpiece, Newton

    Tangram pieces

    Numbers tiles

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: 901-00003

    UPC or EAN No.: 858528005355


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    Not suitable for children under three years

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