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Lightwave Smart Lighting Kit

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  • Overview

    The Lightwave Smart Lighting Kit comes with a Lightwave Smart dimmer and Link Plus hub—everything you need to get started with Lightwave smart lighting that's controllable from your iPhone or iPad.

    Smart dimmers

    Lightwave Smart dimmers are finished in sleek stainless steel and look as good as any other standard decorative dimmer. Built-in Lightwave technology allows you to monitor and control the dimmers from anywhere using your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or with voice control via Apple HomeKit (App control requires Lightwave Link Plus).

    Smart features

    Using the Lightwave app, you can set your favorite lighting scenes, check if lights have been left on, and monitor the amount of energy that is being used. You can even lock the dimmers so that they automatically turn off after a short time—great for saving energy. The dimmers are soft start, and are compatible with the vast majority of dimmable LED lamps.*

    Easy DIY installation

    Lightwave devices are easy to DIY install; there's no extra wiring necessary, as each dimmer is a simple straight swap for your existing one. Other devices are plug and play and no special tools are required. All devices are legal to install in your own home without the help of an electrician, although always consult a suitably qualified expert if you are unsure. Lightwave also offers free dedicated support over the phone.


    Sleek, designer fittings in a high-quality steel finish

    Control your lighting from anywhere using your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

    Compatible with Apple HomeKit allowing for control from the HomeKit App and voice control

    Built-in energy monitoring helps you to track your electricity consumption and save energy and money

    Create timers and automations to turn lights on/off automatically at dawn and dusk or for security when you leave the house

    Lock the dimmers so that they automatically turn off after a few minutes to save energy

    Compatible with the vast majority of dimmable LEDs* and uses standard wiring for a quick retrofit

    What’s in the Box

    Lightwave Link Plus hub

    Lightwave Smart Dimmer (1 gang)

    Ethernet cable

    Power supply and cable

    Tech Specs

    Other Features: HomeKit Compatible, Wireless

    Internet Access: Internet Access Required

    Connections: Ethernet, Wireless

    Power: 230V

    Power Source: AC

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 5060252202589


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    Manufacturer Note

    *Visit for compatibility information.

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