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Skoogmusic Skwitch

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Skwitch Push the Button

Skwitch the brand new musical instrument from Skoogmusic.

A title on screen says Push, Press, Squeeze, Skwitch.

A phone is seen on a table. Close up of Skwitch. A tray is pulled out of Skwitch using hands and a iPhone is slotted into Skwitch.

Hands press down on lever to lock phone on to Skwitch. Two fingers press down on squishy button whilst phone displays app.

Text on screen says Make Music.

Three children in shot are shown playing with Skwitch and smiling.

Each child presses down on Skwitch.

Text on screen says Expressive.

Skwitch with phone slotted in, a keyboard and iPad are shown. One hand presses on Skiwtch, the other on a keyboard.

Boy, around 20 plays on Skwitch and keyboard whilst looking at a keyboard on the iPad screen.

Text on screen displays Accessible.

iPad screen displays seven apps, and a blue circle around app moves across the screen through each app.

Fingers press down on Skwitch device and iPad has a selection mode on screen. User is controlling iPad with Skiwtch using Apple Switch Control.

Text on screen says Code.

Fingers press Run my Code on iPad.

Young boy presses down on Skwitch whilst circles and code appear on iPad screen. Young boy is coding with Skwitch.

Three children with hands in air, Skwitch in hand and big smiles on face.

Skwitch device spins in on white background.

Text on screen says Music, Accessibility, Coding, Skwitch.

Skwitch text remains on screen. Underneath Skwitch text, more text on screen says Push the Button followed by text that says Multi use Controller.

  • Overview

    Skoogmusic Skwitch is a brand new musical instrument that clips straight on to your iPhone, so within minutes you can use this piece of accessible tech that you can use to create music, learn coding, and more.

    Skwitch lets you make music with the touch of a button—from anywhere. It works as an easy-to-use musical instrument or advanced MPE/MIDI device, and you don’t need any training. It’s easy to compose your own riffs, melodies, and chord progressions. Just press the Skwitch in different places, and you can step forward and backward through your favorite melodies, expressively shaping the sound as you squeeze. Mix and match with chords and arpeggios and you're ready to start improvising or jamming along with your favorite tunes. Then, when you’re ready to take it to the next level, connect wirelessly to GarageBand, Logic, or any other MPE or Audiobus-ready apps on your connected iPad or Mac.

    With Skwitch you can easily code and make music without any musical knowledge or abilities. Just slot your iPhone into Skwitch and you’re up and running. Within minutes you’ll be programming your own musical instruments that respond to your touches on Skwitch. You can even learn to control droids and drones—all at the touch of a button.

    Using the Skwitch Access app, you can transform your iPhone into a portable, wireless switch controller for iOS and macOS. Easy to set up and customize, Skwitch offers multiple modes of operation, tactile feedback, and compatibility to all switch accessible apps, games, or software running iOS 11 or later.

    The unique design features of Skwitch mean anyone can use it—including people with disabilities. It’s all about how your creativity can connect with technology. Compact and with clean lines, Skwitch needs no batteries or charging so it’s always ready for action. Wireless connectivity means it’s easy to hook up to other devices. And its highly tactile sensor responds to the slightest touch, so you’re always in control of what you’re creating.


    Multi-use accessory that transforms your iPhone into an expressive controller for music, coding, and accessibility

    Works as an easy-to-use musical instrument or advanced MIDI/MPE device with no previous training required

    Compose your own riffs, melodies, and chord progressions

    Expressive and tactile with adjustable activation

    Turns your iPhone into an accessibility switch for use with Switch Control

    Functions as a programmable touch-sensitive input device for Swift Playgrounds

    Works with suction mounts (sold separately) for securing it in easily accessible positions

    Requires the Skwitch Music or Skwitch Access app

    Free coding templates available for use with Swift Playgrounds

    No batteries required

    Sleek, stylish design

    Lightweight and portable—great for travel

    What’s in the Box

    Skoogmusic Skwitch

    Quick start guide

    Tech Specs

    Height: 4.33 in./11 cm

    Width: 3.74 in./9.5 cm

    Depth: 1.81 in./4.6 cm

    Weight: 5.29 oz./150 g

    System Requirements

    Operating System: iOS 11 or later

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 659514982304


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