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Welden 13" Slim Sleeve for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

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Welden Nylon Tech Accessories

Introducing the MacBook Nylon Sleeve and Accessory Organizer Music: Background mix [Video opens up focusing on the women behind the brand speaking direct to camera] SANDY + CORI: Hi Iím Sandy, and Iím Cori. And we are the women of Welden. [Logo appears on hexagon nylon weave] SANDY: Our story begins at the moment of creation. [Knife cutting the nylon fabrication] CORI: With each careful loop and gentle pull of fabric [Human hands showing how each strip of fabric is woven to create the hexagon weave] CORI: Every Welden piece is handcrafted [Pan over design materials ñ zipper, panel of fabric, patch, etc.] CORI: Making each design one of a kind. [Human hands finishing the weave and smoothing out the fabric] SANDY: Our design centers around [Pan over Sandyís desk sketching the designs] SANDY: The hexagonÖitís our signature pattern [Sandy and Cori outlining the hexagon shape with their hands, ends with close up design] CORI: Our signature hexagon design [Cori and Sandy standing side by side with Cori speaking direct to camera] CORI: Is crafted using three strips of material [Sandy playing with a spool of the nylon fabric across the floor and the nylon fabric on its own dancing across the floor] CORI: To create one singular shape [Fabric being pulled through the weave to show how its finished] SANDY: It requires artistry to make something intricate appear simple [Flash of all product available (one after the next) MacBook Sleeve 15î, MacBook Sleeve 13î, MacBook Sleeve 12î, Accessory Organizer] SANDY: I designed the laptop case for effortless storage, functionality, and all your daily essentials [Human hands unzipping the MacBook Sleeve, pulling out the MacBook, and then a quick sequence of ìall your daily essentialsî into the MacBook Sleeve (pen, notebook, ruler) CORI: The accessory case is perfect to keep you organized [Cori showing the Accessory Organizer upclose, unzips the Accessory Organizer, then pulls out the wireless earbuds in their case CORI: Charging cords, earbuds, maybe a lipstick? [Fast sequence of earbuds, charging cords, etc. being placed into the organizer and then shows Sandy holding up the lipstick and smiling. Shows both Sandy and Cori swaying to the side in opposite directions each holding a product: Sandy (MacBook Sleeve), Cori (Accessory Organizer] SANDY: The spirit of authenticity [Sandy with fabric around neck spinning around] SANDY: And individuality is what defines us [Sandy speaking direct to camera] SANDY: Here at Welden [Pan over logo patch] CORI: Welden tells not only the story of the individual that carries them [Cori walking towards the camera holding the Accessory Organizer, then Sandy walking behind Cori towards the camera holding the MacBook Sleeve] CORI: But the artisans that crafted them by hand [Straight on shot of the MacBook Sleeve and Accessory Organizer side by side] SANDY: Welcome to the world of Welden, and thank you so much for being a part of our story [Pan away from the product to the left fading into the Welden logo (black logo on white background}
  • Overview

    Offering stylishly functional storage for your MacBook and a few daily essentials, the Welden Woven Slim Sleeve is uniquely hand-crafted in a signature hexagon design using three strips of nylon that come together to create a satisfyingly singular shape.


    Crafted by hand

    Nylon fabrication with custom hardware

    Signature hexagon weave

    Fits up to a 13" MacBook Pro

    Exterior slip pocket

    Multipurpose interior pockets

    Slightly padded for protection

    What’s in the Box

    Welden Woven Slim Sleeve

    Tech Specs

    Form Factor: Sleeve

    Material: Nylon

    Length: 14.5 in./36.83 cm

    Width: 10.25 in./26.03 cm

    Depth: 1 in./2.54 cm

    Weight: 7.68 oz./217.72 g

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 852478008220


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