Can HomePod hear me say "Hey Siri" from OUTSIDE my house?

If my HomePod is placed near an EXTERIOR wall or window, and I stand OUTSIDE of my house and say "Hey Sir" loud enough, will the HomePod Siri respond and take commands? This could be a "good" thing if, say, I've locked myself out of the house which has a HomeKit enabled deadbolt door lock, and I don't have my physical key or my iPhone / Apple Watch available to say "Hey Siri, unlock my front door". HOWEVER, if *I* can do this, then can a complete stranger walk up to my window and say "Hey Siri, unlock the front door?" How does HomePod Siri respond to security level HomeKit requests? With these requests, iPhone can be set to require Touch/Face ID, and Apple Watch is securely wrapped around my wrist with an active unlock via Passcode or Touch/Face ID. What sort of "unlock" does HomePod require for security level HomeKit requests?

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  • I don’t have experience with talking to HomePod through exterior walls, but I do have a HomePod in my bedroom on the first floor and can make it hear me from the ground floor if I’m near the stairs, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get Siri to respond from outside. However IIRC Siri on HomePod can’t handle requests such as unlocking doors, only locking them, so whether or not Siri can hear you from outside your house doesn’t really matter.

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