Do I have to use Siri with HomePod?

Of all Apples wonderful products, the one exception of goodness, IMO, is Siri - I don't use it and will never use it for both privacy reasons and because I find the idea of talking to a machine as if it were a human DEEPLY OFFENSIVE as an actually sentient being. I find naming intimate objects (cars, computers, etc.) with human names and treating them like they are human to be equally offensive and frankly insane. Can you shut off Siri entirely on a HomePod like I do for my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro and iMac? Is HomePod even usable without Siri? I kind of want understand this before I even consider buying one. It's not the end of the world if Siri is required but I need to know before I potentially waste money on one. Thanks!


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  • Sure- You can Airplay everything. Either Apple Music or most about any other streaming service, or iTunes if you still use it. You can also use it through your Apple TV. The Home app contains a bunch of ways to control Siri, which you can turn on or off: Listen for"Hey Siri" Touch and Hold for Siri Light When Using Siri Sound When Using Siri Language Siri Voice Personal Requests. Under that is "About Siri and Privacy" There is no bluetooth or physical inputs on Homepods. That is because there are plenty of cheaper bluetooth speakers out there. But none of them sound as good as a pair (or even one) of Homepods.

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