On my iPad Air is it comparable with my iPad Pro or share info between them I used the pro at home and the iPad Air on the rd.

I have notes on my pro and I can’t get them on the iPad Air or the iphone6 but the Pro iPad receives the info from the 6s phone but not the iPad Air.

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    I asked the same question John F when I bought my iPad Pro 12.9 inch last June. I worked with a man at the genius bar. We decided to give the iPad Pro the same name as my iPad Air. We did most of the data and application exchanges at the Apple store where I bought both of them. We finished at home, we left them both on and signed into our wireless network. They have the same apps and all of the same photos too. When I add photos to one they are added to the other. I store all the same original photos on my iMac. It works very well. I can tell which machine is which because one is the iPad Pro and the other is an iPad Air. Up to now, each can use the very most recent version of IOS.

    You'll want to check on doing this at your nearest Apple store before you do it because each person's machine is different and you may want them to do slightly different things. For example, I do not write on my iPad's I do my writing in Word and that is only on my iMac and a powerful Windows 10 desktop. I imagine have used Apple's writing application, Pages, which comes free with IOS and make sure each iPad is linked to the same iCloud account and has the correct settings to share back and forth, you should have no problems. Again, work with the experts at an Apple Store and take each device with you. 98% of the time they have been able to help me through any issue. The only case that they weren't able to was a hard to detect failure problem on my 1 tb fusion drive. The experts I trust at a wonderful repair shop took a few hours to diagnose it with their hardware diagnostic tools. I had noticed several documents dropping off my Safari reading list every so often and I knew something was up. You might also try to get help through Apple Care. They've been excellent too for me, but there's no better way of getting something set up right than to take your two iPads to the Apple store with an appointment set up in advance at the genius bar. Hope this helps John

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