Does the new iPhone 10 X have any New advantages for mobility disabled users?

I can use the mike to type, but I can't Advance to the section I'm trying to fill out.

When I take a screen shot, I inadvertently put the iPhone6 into sleep mode 75% of the time; frustrating!

Illness affects my speech, Siri doesn't seem to learn anything about my pronunciation so every day we make the same mistakes over and over and over again. It can take me an hour to get an email or text out.

Research, Shopping, News, Comment websites all require a lot of scrolling and scrolling is very difficult. There is often an option to go to the top of the page, but nothing to take you partway down or all the way down the page. If there was someway to toggle or jump partway or say I want to go with 30% down or something it would be so wonderful !

Can we have a true universal large type view? Or a magnification of the whole page or a section at a time? My hometown newspaper has 2 little tiny buttons separated by a space the size of the letter O in the upper right corner of each page .

One tiny button makes the print bigger, if your fingers are the size of a sharp pencil & your aim is excellent, you can push the button three times & make the font size big , Bigger & BIGGEST for entire page, but you have to do AGAIN it for every page. Ha ha, The twisted it's on me, the tiny button next to it makes this font smaller, so I spent several minutes every day Reading the headlines, but unable to read the news article because the fonts rotate between big & small and until my meditation clean kicks in, I need big big big.
I think I sufficiently whined enough; my iPhone is so dependable and it's so helpful , It keeps me connected with life, love help and fun! Thank you

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