what is a wpa2 password?

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  • To password protect access to your Wi-Fi network you will need to supply your Airport device with a password. The WPA2 part is the type of security that will be used along with your password to prevent unauthorized access to your network.

    During setup you will be asked to choose a level of Wi-Fi security AND also give a password. WPA2 is the best choice as of today. (Also use a good password!) Read on to learn more about WPA...

    WPA2 is a security technology commonly used on Wi-Fi wireless networks. WPA2 (Wireless Protected Access 2) replaced the original WPA technology on all certified Wi-Fi hardware since 2006 and is based on the IEEE 802.11i technology standard for data encryption.

    WPA2 vs. WPA vs. WEP

    Wireless Protected Access was designed as a replacement for the older and less secure Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) . WPA2 should be used instead of WEP whenever possible on home computer networks.

    WPA2 also improves the security of Wi-Fi connections by requiring use of stronger wireless encryption than what WPA requires. Specifically, WPA2 does not allow use of an algorithm called TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) that has known security holes (limitations) in the original WPA implementation.

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