What makes the biggest difference RE performance... faster GHz/more cores/more RAM?


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  • Without specific knowledge of what your goals are for the system, ie. machine learning computation, website hosting, video games etc. All of the (3) I mentioned have to have a specific aspect of your machine optimized! 1. Machine Learning Computation: generally you will want a faster CPU and a better video card 2. website hosting: you would want a ton of RAM 3. video games: a great card will really help. To answer your question: On a budget I would go a better/faster CPU why? #1 Mac's use a variant of unix at it's core. Hence it is quite stable. #2 modern Macs use ssd(s) hence read/write speeds are quite high. EPIC! #3 on chip video processors ie intel 640, 650, 655 are bad at all. SO ON A BUDGET GET THE BETTER CPU! p.s. more more is better than less cores/ faster cpu is better than slower cpu/ better family ie i7 is better than i5 - i7 has capabilities that the i5 doesn't I hope this helps. jana

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