Do you have to be on your own paired wifi to view this on your phone? or when out does it use your 4G only no other free wifi?

I have a device that won't let you use other peoples wifi only paired with your home wifi then uses 4G with took up all my free allowance

Netatmo Welcome Face Recognition Home Camera

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    You do not have to be on you internet at home on the same network. The device can be accessed from the netatmo app on your iPhone using any other wifi network. I can access and view video from my girlfriends house in a different town using her wifi network. I have not tested it on 4G but believe it should work no problem.

    You can also download videos over the internet to your phone or to a dropbox account, which then shows the full hd quality.
    Anytime it detects movement it will pop up with a notification on my iPhone and I can chose to watch I live feed from my house, there are other customisation options such as using it with other wifi enabled devices i.e. when the camera detects my sons face it will turn on the hall light, or warn me if it sees a strange face it does not recognise.

    View IFTTT website for more information. and compatible devices including philips hue lights, TCP-Link wifi enabled plugs, harmony remote control, dana door locks etc there is a lot of scope to use this camera to activate devices at home.

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  • you can view it on any connection. So if you are away you can use 3/4g or wifi to view on your iOS device. The base unit in your home is connected to your home wifi so that needs to remain on whilst you are away. If you are out of coverage you will be alerted to any movements as soon as you regain connection.

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