D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD - data immediately saved on iCloud?


I am interested in purchasing the D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD. Before I make a decision, I have some questions:

1. I read that data is saved on a SD card. However, is video data also readily transferred to an iCloud account? (To which, I can readily view on my iPhone?) Seems to me that if there is only the availability of local video data storage a SD card in the camera, well, then any burglar with a slight tech background would know to take the SD card or actually the camera with him....

2. With regard to the OMNA app for the iPhone, are snapshots taken, i.e. when motion is detected? Do I receive an immediate warning on my iPhone? Needless to say, the quicker an intruder is detected and pictured, the quicker I can inform the police. Also, having a clear, high quality picture of the intruder would greatly assist in further criminal prosecutions.

I would like to have answers as I seriously want to provide further security to my house (break-ins here are on the increase) and the camera is expensive.

I don't want a clever toy, I want effective, quality, fast security.

Thanks for any advice you can give,

Garry Paton

D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD Camera

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