Can I use an Apple 61W USB-C power adapter to charge the Powerstation, or will the higher wattage damage the Powerstation?

mophie powerstation pro XL Battery

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  • You can. The Powerbank will only charge up to 45w so won’t charge any quicker using a higher capacity charger to charge it back up to capacity. Clever charging technology ensures damage does not occur if more powerful chargers are used. More powerful chargers will be governed on how much they can deliver to prevent any circuitry damage. I recommend only the use of well known brands and avoid cheap unknown electrical chargers to be sure you and your product is safe when charging! I use my MacBook 15” 96w charger to charge my Mophie USB-C 3XL Powerbank. It doesn’t charge any quicker using the 96w or if I use my 61w 13” MacBook charger as an example, as both are governed by the Powerbank up to 45w Max charge rate.

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