Do i have to have my iPhone every time connected or does it sync from time to time, I am thinking to use it during sport workouts like triathlon

I am wondering if this can be used during workouts (including swimming) and can it be later synced to the phone , or does it need to have a connection the whole time

La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV Sensor

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  • My Skin Track UV Sensor does not need to be connected to your phone all the time. It is only sync'ed when you scan the sensor. During the two scans, the sensors will accumulate the amount of UV dosage it is exposed to. Then when you scan the sensor (using NFC - near field communication), the phone reads the UV exposure amount, re-calculate based on the position of the sensor, and tell you what % of maximum daily UV exposure/sunstock you have achieved on your face which is typically the most exposed area, based on your skin tone. (Based on your skin tone, the maximum daily UV exposure/sunstock is different.) This makes it perfect for sports because you don't need to carry the phone for the sensor to keep accumulating the UV exposure! However, it is recommended that you scan your sensor every 2 hours (or more often) to make sure you are staying within the safe range.

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