So is this new Superdrive USB 3.0 or 2.0 then? Would like to hope it was 3.0 to match the new specs of the Macbook Pro & Macbook Air?

Apple USB SuperDrive

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  • Speed is only one factor here. The device is also powered by the USB. My external SuperDrive actually has two separate USB 2 plugs, not for speed, but for enough power to run the device. USB 3 has more power and its more efficient. Playing a DVD consumes a lot of power from the plug, and would be much better with USB 3.

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  • I just called MyApple and asked that question. The answer to that question is the USB type-A for this SuperDrive is only 2.0 Apple said that it uses the USB 2.0 but it also uses "regular" USB speed. (Whatever that means, I don't know, but she couldn't explain it any better.) Too bad. It's now 2019, and I have to buy a PC-brand drive for my iMac to get the speed of 3.0 Hope this answer helps.

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