I see the HDMI plug but what is that second plug for?

On the pictures of this Lightning to HDMI adapter there looks like to plugs, 1 for the HDMI, what is the other one for?

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  • It is for power but ONLY for power. I bought this hoping to use it with my bike trainer and so I could project on my tv from my iPad Air. The HDMI works fine but the dongle that sends the ANT+ signal from my bike to the ipad doesn't when I plug it into the lightning port on this adapter. It works fine when I plug it directly into the iPad so evidently the lightning port is ONLY for power.

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  • The functionality of this new adapter is identical to the old IOS AV adapter.
    (see Apple Part Number MD098ZM/A "Apple Digital AV Adapter"

    The 2nd connector next to the HDMI Output jack on this new AV Adapter is female Lightning jack for charging the iPhone / iPad while playing videos to an external HDMI destination (TV, LCD Monitor, etc)

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  • To plug in a lightning charging cable so your phone will charge while you watch your video.

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  • The other one is a Lightning connector, it's so you can charge your device while you have it hooked up to a projector or TV.

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  • for lightning cable to charge your iphone, iPad

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  • charging while watching; Lightning to HDMI docking adapter.

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  • To Charge Your iPad Mini.

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  • For those who have the composite AV cable for older version of IPODS(touch) you can buy an adapter (30 pin to lightning) and connect to that other input and then connect the old composite AV cable then connect the three prongs (2 audios-red and white and video-yellow) to your TV instead of using an HDMI cable. Then connect the USB connector of the old composite AV cable to a wall charger to charge your iphone at rhe same time. But if you have HDMI, this is the most convenient way to connect it to the TV.

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