I have Verizon Fios, will Airport Extreme can be use?

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    Yes, but you will need to keep the router Verizon gave you to function as a modem. Keep the coax cable plugged into the Fios router, then run a cat5 over to the AE. I recommend this set-up, because I have Fios and just set up my apple router today, and it is a huge improvement in speed.

    The Genius at the apple store recommend that I turn off the wireless on the fios router by logging in (url is This prevents network interference, since the two devices are very close to each other.

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  • Yes it will, as long as you connect it to your Verizon provided Actiontec router.

    You can use this AirPort Extreme without the Verizon router, as long as you disable the DHCP hold it has to your Optical Network Terminal (ONT). Make sure you have an Ethernet handoff from the ONT, and not coaxile. Also, if you intend on doing this, your Verizon cableTV set top boxes will no longer be able to receive on-demand, and the guide will no longer work.

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  • Yes, its a piece of cake. Plug a network cable into one of the output jacks of the FIOS modem and the other end into the WAN of the AirPort Express (AE). The AE will configure itself. Using the Airport Utility on a Mac or iOS device and enter a password. I configured the AE, all Apple devices, Apple TV, and my smart TV in about 15 minutes. That's how easy its. It took me longer to configure a Windows PC to connect to the wireless printer. Depending on the FIOS router that you have, you may have to turn off the signal. They've had a couple of routers and I'm currently on the upgraded one. I left the FIOS wireless signal on and haven't had any issues.

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  • Yes, you need to change the settings on your verizon cable modem/ router to TURN OFF the wifi that is built in to it. Then you connect the airport extreme to your verizon cablemodem/router with an ethernet cable. You will need to call verizon and they can tell you how to go to the website that allows you to switch off the wifi in the verizon cable modem/router. This is what I did. The system works very well. The verizon wifi was very slow.

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  • Approach: Remove Verizon Router, Replace with AirPort Extreme

    There are two ways to use your Airport Extreme with FiOS. One is already discussed which keeps the Verizon router in the scenario. The other is to remove the Verizon router all together, thereby replacing your Verizon router with your AirPort Extreme. This simplifies your configuration and adds greater security.

    If you value your privacy and you are a "cord cutter" who wants to get their media across the internet and not via the expensive Verizon TV channel packages, you can remove the Verizon router and replace it with the AirPort Extreme connected directly to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) via Ethernet. By removing the Verizon router, you remove Verizon's ability to come directly into your home network which for us is a privacy and security issue.

    My media comes from iTunes (movies and television shows), from Netflix (older movies and older television shows), and from DirecTV Now with the free Apple TV that is included with the service. (truly free, not a game).

    I have had this type of connection for the last 3 years (added DirecTV a year ago) and have never connected the Verizon router which still sits in its box.

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