For voice calls, will the microphones filter out background noise?

Background noise for voice calls

AirPods Pro

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  • I hope I’m understanding your question correctly: The noise cancellation won’t cancel out any sound that it is playing, like background noise on the other person’s end of a voice call. It will cancel out any noise on your end for you, hence you will only hear the other person’s voice and their background noise. They will still hear everything from your AirPods microphones though, including any background noise around you, and your voice. I hope this answered your question!

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  • Although Apple didn’t specified that, I believe it will filter background noise for voice call, up to a certain level. It’s not the same technology as noice cancelling and it won’t be as effective, but Apple has background noise cancelling for voice call since iPhone 4, that’s 9 years ago! It use a outward pointing microphone to collect ambient noise, then cancel out these noise from your voice with software. Just like when you use your iPhone to make phone calls, it won’t totally silent background noise, but your voice will sounds like indoor even when you’re on busy street. (BTW this technique is used by TV and film production for decades, nothing new)

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