Can this cable be used to connect an external SSD to an iPhone or iPad?

USB-C to Lightning Cable (1m)

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  • If your external SSD has a USB-C connector on it, yes. Note that while this is the same port as Thunderbolt 3, this will transfer at up to full USB-C speeds only and not Thunderbolt 3 speeds (the cable would be way more expensive if it was a Thunderbolt cable, that's for sure). The biggest aspect to note here is that external storage support on iOS devices is extremely limited and without a special app designed to make the connection possible it could very well not work due to the way iOS is built. It may be worth checking your SSD's documentation to see if that support is available for iOS.

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  • No, it is not supported. There are a Lightning to USB and a Lightning to SD Card adapters available (different to this cable), but they have a very different purpose - to copy files off your digital camera's memory card to your iPhone/iPad's memory. They do not allow file management. In order to manage files on an external storage device, you need to use an external storage with its own app for iOS to do so. For example, there are Wi-Fi-equipped external HDD devices that are compatible with iOS using an app from their (HDD) manufacturer.

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